• 06 October 2021
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I Just Remembered Why I Am A Nurse!

  • Yvette Opoku
    School Nurse
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Play video: "I didn't forget I was a nurse but I did feel like I became consumed with my role as a nurse that I forgot my 'why'."

School Nurse, Yvette, talks about why she became a Nurse, highlighting why it’s important to remember your ‘Why’ throughout your nursing journey.

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Remembering Your ‘Why’ Is Key In Nursing

Remember, You Have A Support System

Why I Became A Nurse

Nursing Is So Diverse

Nursing Is A Well-Respected Profession


Hi everyone, my name is Yvette and today we're just gonna have a chit chat video and today's title will be, I just remembered why I'm a nurse.

Now some of you might think, how could she forget she's a nurse?

I didn't forget I was a nurse but I did feel like I became consumed with my role as a nurse that I forgot my why.

And when I say my why, my why is why I chose this career path, why I decided that I wanted to be a nurse and why I embarked on my nursing journey.

Let's get straight into it.

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Remembering Your ‘Why’ Is Key In Nursing

This helps support your overall morale.

This supports your drive.

And also this supports you in wanting to develop professionally and personally.

So for those of you that don't know, I just recently completed the specialist community public health nursing course, and I did the school nursing pathway.

Now remembering my why as a nurse or why I went into nursing, supported me in making a decision to go on the course.

Because I went to the further develop my skills, my knowledge to ensure that I made every contact count for my families and children and young people I encountered.

Now, when you don't have your why, you find yourself working in a place that maybe you don't enjoy, maybe you're not getting the most out of your learning, you've reached the capacity of the role that you're in.

And then you get into comfortability.

During the course, it was extremely tough.

And I felt like I got really consumed with the pressures of handing in assignments, making sure that I got skills signed off, etc, that actually I forgot why I actually became a nurse.

Remember, You Have A Support System

But very quickly, I was reminded by my support system that I had, which is very important to have.

It's very important to have a professional support system and a personal support system.

They really will understand different areas of your life, different journeys you're going through your life.

So that's something that I really recommend.

Now back to my support system, my support system really quickly reminded me why I actually became a nurse.

So I'm gonna get into it.

And I'm gonna tell you a bit about why I actually became a nurse.

Why I Became A Nurse

I really cared for people, but I didn't really know what I wanted to do.

But then I looked at nursing, I looked at the prospects of what it takes to become a nurse.

And I felt like I fit that person specification.

So first of all, it was me caring for people.

Then after I had to think about what age group I'm now gonna to do, am I gonna do general nursing, etc.

I found that when I was in school, I generally had a passion for children and young people.

And that was the decision that I chose to go into paediatrics.

Now that was my second why.

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And that on its own really reminds me of why I became a nurse.

It's the fact that I want to ensure that children and young people ultimately have the best start at life, and to do so, you actually have to incorporate their family as well, taking a holistic approach.

So with my communication skills, interpersonal skills, my bubbly, confident characteristic, this has helped support to me in remembering my why.

Also going to work, maintaining that positive morale, but also speaking to my colleagues, having supervision when needed has also allowed me to remember why I became a nurse.

Nursing Is So Diverse

Another reason why I became a nurse is because nursing is so diverse.

It's so flexible and skills are so transferable and the nursing role is also very versatile.

So finding out more information about the nursing role, I knew that I was looking for a challenge.

I was looking for a career that will further enhance the skills that I already have.

And whilst doing this, I'd also be able to support children and young people have the best start at life as I previously mentioned.

Nursing can be very challenging, but the sense of fulfilment when you help support your service user, your families, your patient really builds your confidence and boosts your morale.

And with that, that allows me to remember why I am a nurse.

Even when the going gets tough, Always remember your why, never give up and keep pushing, make sure you have a support system.

Make sure you go on training days so you're competent for your role, but most of all, enjoy your nursing journey.

You're not gonna know everything at the beginning, but as the day goes on, every day is an opportunity to learn something new.

Nursing Is A Well-Respected Profession

nother reason why I chose to become a nurse because nursing is a well-respected profession.

And I felt like I wanted to be in a role where I was comfortable.

And it's something that I enjoy.

My biggest why of becoming a nurse was also the variety of work environments.

As I mentioned before, nursing can be so flexible.

In a week, I can go from being a school nurse Monday to Friday and on the weekends, if I've got time, I can actually practice as a neonatal nurse.

Let me know, what is your why?

Why did you start nursing, what made you get into it?

Is that someone that you aspire to be like that is a nurse?

But on that note guys, thank you for listening and see you in the next video, bye.

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  • Yvette Opoku
    School Nurse

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  • Yvette Opoku
    School Nurse

Yvette is a qualified Nurse, formally working as a Neonatal Nurse, and Neonatal Junior Sister. Yvette now works as a School Nurse, and runs the ‘askNurse’ Instagram page.

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