• 02 October 2019
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Overcoming Nursing burnout and building our resilience against it

  • Chloe
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In this second video (here's the first one) on the subject of nursing burnout Chloe talks about reversing the damage done and offers a whole series of tips to prevent and prepare!

Play video: Part Two... Chloe talks about reversing any damage caused by burnout and how to build your ability to deal with it next time

Topics covered in this video

0:50 - Intro: 'getting over my own burnout'

1:50 - The 3 Rs: recognise, reverse, resilience

2.25 - Clinical Supervision

3.55 - Limit contact with negative people

4.55 - Be more sociable with your colleagues!

5.45 - Mentally 're-frame' the way you think about work

7.00 - Preventing burnout = good work / life balance

8.20 - Try to grab a nursing shift in a new environment

8.55 - Setting boundaries

9.25 - Don't check work emails outside of work

9.35 - Final tips (simple ones but worth reminding you!)

Here are some of the key moments from Chloe's video:

02.25 - Clinical Supervision

Having someone with experience watching over you as a young nurse can make all the difference. Experienced nurses have been through all the ups and downs. But remember, sharing with a supervisor is not a moaning opportunity, but an opportunity to structure your concerns.

03.55 - Limit contact with negative people

We've all come across these people! Either in your personal life or work life, avoid what is stressing you out in front of these people. If I walk into the nursing office and people are having a moan I try to change the subject or I simply walk out of the room.

04.55 - Hang out with your colleagues!

Organise fun events for groups of your colleagues. Feed positive experiences and foster positive attitudes amongst supportive colleagues.

05.45 - Mentally 're-frame' the way you think about work

Noticing that you're becoming burnt out, have in the back of your mind a few examples of why you work in nursing. This might be positive examples of how you have worked with patients and what you have had back in terms of positive feedback from patients. Pull those moments to the fore when you're feeling stress.

07.00 - Preventing burnout = good work / life balance

Family and children can force you to have a good work / life balance. If you're young like me and don't yet have these things you have to FORCE yourself to take time out. Even if, like me, you're working hard to save for a house.

8.20 - Try to grab a nursing shift in a new environment

I have started trying to pick up shifts outside of where I normally work. Different wards, different hospitals. So I'm still picking up those extra shifts to help me save for my home, but it's in a different space and I'm learning new nursing skills so it's still helping me develop my skills and nursing career.

8.55 - Setting boundaries

Learn when to say "No". Sometimes it's OK to tell your ward manager that you can't take on another shift.

9.25 - Don't check work emails outside of work

I'm guilty of this but I'm getting better at it!

9.35 - Final tips (little ones worth remembering!)

- Take your breaks when you can!

- Leave on time (not always possible)

- Exercise (it doesn't mean you have to become a marathon runner!)

- Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

- Balanced diet. Not just sugar and carbs!

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  • Chloe
    Registered Mental Health Nurse

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  • Chloe
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