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Chloe - Mental Health Nurse

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Chloe started creating videos for us when she was a student nurse. She is now a qualified Mental Health Nurse. The journey is an interesting one. And the advice and insights she has gained along the way, shared in these videos, is valuable to those thinking of becoming an RMN, as well as Student Nurses and those employed as a Qualified Nurse today.

A week in the life of a Deputy Ward Manager

Chloe, leads us through a typical week in her job as Deputy Ward Manager, detailing the challenges she faces and how she overcomes them.

What Band 6 Nurses get paid in 2020 – and how to earn it

This guide looks initially at exactly what Band 6 Nurses will earn this year. We then listen to a Band 6 Nurse on her experience of moving from Band 5 to 6 – and what it takes to become a Band 6 Nurse.

I’m a nurse, not a soldier going to war so please stop with the metaphors

Chloe examines the narrative surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic from a nursing perspective, and asks how much of it actually translates into reality.

Tips for nurses when not working and in Coronavirus lockdown

Chloe has been thinking about activities nurses can do when not at work during the Coronavirus lockdown measures.

What is preceptorship and how does it help newly qualified nurses?

Chloe explains preceptorship for newly qualified nurses, drawing on her own recent experience and how it helped her.

Advice from a qualified nurse mentor to student nurses

If you haven't started your nurse training yet you might be wondering what mentorship is. Qualified RMN, Chloe, is here to explain and help you set goals and get the most from your mentor.

How to fully prepare for your first nursing placement

You may be sent to placement within your first 6 weeks of your nursing course. It can be daunting. Qualified nurse and mentor, Chloe, explains how to prepare for placement and bury those nerves!

Overcoming Nursing burnout and building our resilience against it

In this second video on the subject of nursing burnout Chloe talks about reversing the damage done and offers a whole series of tips to prevent and prepare!

What is Nursing burnout and can we manage it?

Chloe talks from personal experience to explore what burnout means for Nurses, how to recognise the symptoms and how Nurses can address it in their job.

Advice for newly qualified Nurses

The step up from being a student to a qualified nurse can make you feel way out of your depth. Chloe shares her advice to help ease yourself into the qualified nurse life!

How to survive 12 hour shifts

The long shifts can be exhausting, physically and mentally. RMN Chloe shares what she does to ensure she gets through her 12-hour shifts efficiently!

Nursing expectations vs realities

Now a fully qualified RMN, Chloe runs through the expectations she had before training to be a nurse and compares them to the reality of nursing!

What inspired me to be a mental health nurse?

Everyone has their own inspirations for becoming a nurse, but what made Chloe realise she wanted to be an RMN? Find out in this blog and Chloe's vlog!

How to become a Mental Health Nurse RMN

There are many RMN Jobs in the UK, and mental health nurses work in every healthcare environment. Read our guide to find out how to succeed when choosing this as a career.

Nursing Q&A with RMN Chloe

Chloe is back with another Q&A, but this time as a qualified RMN. In this Q&A she answers your questions about student nursing and what life as an RMN is like.

What I wish I knew before nursing

Now a fully qualified RMN, Chloe tells us what she wishes she knew before training and qualifying as a mental health nurse.

My second year university experience

Chloe gives us an insight as to what her second year of university was like for her as a student nurse. Read on and watch her video to find out more!

Newly qualified nursing experiences

Chloe is a newly qualified RMN. In her YouTube video, she shares the experiences she's had since qualifying!

Top tips to survive the night shift

Night shifts are like Marmite - you either love them or loathe them. Either way, they can be hard to cope with since they drastically change your sleeping pattern. Here's Chloe's top tips on how to survive the night shifts!

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How to write a personal statement for a nursing course application

Writing your personal statement will take time, effort and several revisions before you can submit it, so don’t leave it right up until the deadline to start work on it.

Putting together a high quality nursing personal statement can be difficult, but we’ve broken it down into manageable sections below to give you some ideas of how to get started.

How to study and prepare for nursing exams

Nursing exams can be daunting - but it's not the end of the world if you feel like you struggle with exams! Newly qualified mental health nurse Chloe offers advice on how to study and prepare for exams.

The challenges I face as a newly qualified mental health nurse

As a newly qualified mental health nurse, Chloe is fresh to the nursing industry and has already seen the challenges that nurses face with a lack of resources, a lack of staff and a lack of funding. Read on to see how this affects nurses performance as a provider of care.

RMN Jobs in the NHS and Private Sectors

There are lots of RMN jobs advertised at the moment, in both the public and private sectors. Here's a brief outline of the difference between these employment options.

Student Nurse survival guide Part 2 (placements advice)

This is the second part to Chloe's vlog, 'Student nurse survival guide'. In this video Chloe gives advice on placements within mental health.

Student Nurse survival guide Part 1

Chloe is a recently qualified RMN, graduating from LSBU. Here's her survival guide on how to get through your nursing degree.

Qualified RMN Chloe answers questions about studying mental health nursing

In this 18 minute video Chloe answers questions sent to her by people wanting to know all about studying a mental health nursing degree course. Watch and learn!

What I learned from my three nursing interviews

"I have been quite lucky because my three interviews were all completely different. I went to a preceptorship event, I then had a typical panel interview and then I also attended an assessment day."

A day in the life of a student nurse

Nurses.co.uk vlogger and qualified mental health nurse, Chloe, is recently qualified. In this 'day in the life' video she shares her recent experience of being a student nurse.

My first year university experience and advice

Chloe studied Mental Health Nursing at LSBU. In this video she talks about her first year university experience and offers advice for anyone looking to study nursing at uni.

Training to be a Mental Health Nurse

Chloe has recently qualified as an RMN after studying at LSBU. She talks about what training to be an RMN entails, including what the course has to offer.

How to get into nursing at university

Nurses.co.uk vlogger and newly registered RMN, Chloe Lawrence, shares her advice and tips in this video on how to get into nursing at university.

A guide to your Continuing Professional Development CPD as a Nurse - moving on and up!

Chloe gives us the lowdown on your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). What options are available? What areas can you aim to get into?

I chose mental health nursing in the face of growing pressures

I have only just graduated as a mental health nurse, but my placements throughout three years of training have been an indicator of what is to come in my new profession. It’s going to be rewarding, and the challenges and pressures are likely to increase.

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  • Chloe
    Registered Mental Health Nurse

About the author

  • Chloe
    Registered Mental Health Nurse

I qualified as a Mental Health Nurse (RMN) in August of 2018 and started as a newly qualified nurse shortly after. On top of nursing I juggle creating content for both my YouTube channel and blog.

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