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  • 14 November 2018
  • 4 min read

My favourite parts of being a student Midwife

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Louisa is a student Midwife, studying at Kingston and St George's in London. In this video she talks about her favourite parts about being a student midwife.

Play video: Louisa shares her favourite parts about being a student midwife.

Hey y’all, welcome back to Being Louisa!

If you're new to my channel my name is Louisa and I make videos about my life as being a student midwife.

Today's topic is going to be what my favourite part about being a midwife on placement. So my favourite part of being a student Midwife is obviously placement!

But my main and the most important part for me about being a student midwife is that you get to help people. You get to help these families be created and made and honed in and finalised sometimes and it's just the best part.

I love seeing their faces and the pure joy on them it's amazing.

My favourite part for me is seeing them pregnant and then seeing them after they've given birth and seeing the change in the woman singularly but also as the couple or the family unit.

I love seeing them before and then seeing them after, and it’s amazing how quickly that change happens.

It's just one of my favourite parts, seeing that change in them and then seeing them once they've become that family unit or they've become that mother or that father seeing and them grow in confidence and skill level and knowledge, and then finally believing in themselves like ‘okay I might be able to do this, I might be able to look after this brand new life’.

It's the best part seeing that and then going to help whenever you can.

It's really fun and it’s really amazing.

Another of my favourite things is that moment when someone's just given birth and they realise ‘oh my, I'm now parent’ or their partner’s like ‘oh my gosh my partner is amazing and they just did that and I'm now a parent’.

I think my favourite part is always watching the partner.

Only one time it was amazing seeing the woman's reaction, like it's amazing all the time but I mean like only one time it was like my absolute favourite was the woman's reaction compared to her husband's.

She was like ‘oh my gosh I'm a mum, I'm a mother’ it was hilarious and amazing and I loved it, but usually it's the partners that always get me.

It's always their partners watching like it's like them realising ‘oh my gosh my partner's a G, they just carry this tiny human for months and now they’re going to push them out of their body or it's getting cut out of their body’.

Then it's like ‘oh my gosh that was inside them and now it's out and now it's ours’ and ‘this baby is ours and this is our child’ and ‘I'm now going to be a dad or a mum’.

It's just like one of those moments of pure amazement that their partner is able to do this but then also pure excitement, horror, fear, amazement and wonder, cannot believe this has just happened all rushing through their eyes, in their face and then they just are crying and I'm then I’m crying!

It’s really exciting and I love doing that, I love being able to be a part of that and be able to help them on that journey.

Sometimes if I am that person who gets to help them do something like feeding and it actually works and seen their face go like ‘I can do this as a parent I can do this as a person’ oh my gosh, getting to be a part of that is just the best thing in the whole entire world and I could not be more thankful for it.

So those are my favourite parts about being a student midwife!

If you are a student midwife let me know down below what are your favourite parts, or if you are about to become a student midwife or if you're about to go on placement let me know what you're most looking forward to.

I would really love to hear your stories!

Until next time, keep on being you! If you liked this video give it a thumbs up, comment down below any questions or suggestions and don't forget to subscribe to myself and

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  • Louisa Lewis

I'm a qualified Midwife working in a London trust. Alongside my work,I also create vlogs for my channel, Being Louisa, and for

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