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  • 28 January 2020
  • 4 min read

How to switch your nursing career and become a flight nurse

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Becoming a flight nurse gives you the opportunity to earn good nursing pay up to €51,000 and travel the world. REVA have just opened a new base in Ireland and are looking for UK nurses. Find out more about this uncommon nursing role.

What does a flight nurse do?

A typical day for a flight nurse begins at the base.

The first order of business would be to gather the medical equipment and supplies for the mission, including all the medications.

Then the nurse must contact the pick-up hospital or our medical coordinator to confirm details about the mission and the patient’s current condition.

Once everything is set, and the pilots are ready to go, it will be time to take off and retrieve the patient.

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What skills are required of a flight nurse?

When the flight nurse is with the patient, they assess him/her and anticipate any clinical problems.

They prep the patient for transfer from their current location and then monitor and care for the patient during ground transport.

Once at the aircraft, they assist in placing the patient aboard the aircraft and ensure the patient gets to the receiving hospital safely.

This all requires skill, patience, a sound medical background and the desire to help those in need of care.

What kind of nursing background best suits this job?

Most patients transported by air ambulance have sustained some sort of trauma or have a critical illness.

So we tend to look for nurses with a background in ICU and A&E who possess excellent interpersonal relationship skills.

The nurse must know how to communicate with patients as well as fellow healthcare professionals.

Experience in international travel is preferred, but not required.

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How much can a flight nurse get paid?

The job of a flight nurse pays well, between €48,000 - €51,000 annually.

Flight nurses get to spend more than 50% of their time traveling around the world.

Further information about Reva

REVA is the largest fixed-wing jet air ambulance service in the world and is the leader in an industry that includes over 40 other organizations doing international air ambulance work.

REVA has completed more than 30,000 missions in over 70 countries and has a fleet of 20 aircraft ready to fly anywhere in the world.

REVA has over 350 employees and five bases, including its newest in Shannon, Ireland.

For more information about flight nurse jobs available now, contact us at

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