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  • 21 January 2021
  • 16 min read

A Day In The Life Of A Student Nurse During The Pandemic

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Play video: "Half one, I'll be having some lunch, and then I need to go and start my assignment."

Student Nurse, Kyle, gives an insight into Student Nursing during the pandemic with a video diary outlining coursework, working from home and student cuisine.

Topics covered in this article

0.07 Introduction

1.18 Moving House During Lockdown

3.03 Planning The Day

6.05 Lunchtime

7.12 Explaining My Modules

9.19 Working From Home

10.33 Heading Into University & Collecting My Uniform

13.38 Reflecting On The Day

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0.07 Introduction

Hello, guys, and welcome back to a brand new video.

I hope you guys are well.

So I wanted to record a Day in the Life and I really want to start getting into more of doing these because I had some really, really good feedback from you guys saying you enjoyed the Day of the Life videos.

So today is a really, really busy day.

I've got two videos that I need to record.

This one, obviously the Day in the Life.

Because it's a busy day, I for it was a really good day to do so.

I will go over how busy this day is.

1.18 Moving House During Lockdown

So the backdrop behind me is my usual, unusual actually, and I've never actually recorded here before.

So basically during lockdown, I moved into Lucy's, which if you don't know, Lucy is my partner.

So due to, obviously we want to see each other, I've had to move into her household... Oh my God.

I had to move into a household due to obviously the government restrictions.

So I haven't been back to my student housing

I haven't stayed there since probably March.

So it's kind of been an adapting period for me and Lucy to be moving into the same room.

Obviously we spend every day together, but we never actually moved in to a room together, if that makes sense.

So there's been a lot of adapting going on, trying to find where we both study because it was two students studying in one room.

So it's been a good adapting period, but it's been a really good turn in our relationship as well, I would say.

I also want to say thank you to

They have sponsored this video for me and the appreciation and support they have given me over this lockdown, and since probably I started the course actually, has been absolutely amazing.

So go and check out the video.

My video will also be on this channel and their YouTube channel as well, but also check out their website.

They have some really good sources on their websites, and if you're potentially looking for a job getting into the healthcare profession, there are so many jobs on there.

And even if you just go and check out my video on their channel and other YouTubers because they have student nurses and other healthcare professionals on there as well, all sharing their journey.

So it's really, really good to see a company supporting us YouTubers and us students as well.

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3.03 Planning The Day

So the plan for today, it's currently at 11:00 o'clock.

I was late recording this video, there's been a... I need to tidy the room and getting ready, basically, and been writing it a to-do list so I can talk you in-depth about this day.

So I'm going to record this video, tell you guys want I'm going to do this day.

Recording, after this, I will show you my backdrop, which I kind of showed you a minute ago, around the motivation video that'll be going on before this video anyway.

So you already have seen that video.

So if you haven't seen that video, by the time you're watching this, then go check it out.

Yes. So then it's half one, I'm going to probably have lunch

I really made an in-depth plan for this day.

Half one, I'll be having some lunch, and then I need to go and start my assignment.

Because of this lack of motivation, I've kind of been procrastinating because it's so much easier to watch TV, watch Netflix and not do my assignments.

So yesterday was the turning point.

I'm not going to do that anymore.

I'm actually going to go out of the house and going to Pearson, which is the university studying area.

It's really, really nice there and you kind of get into the mood there and you can just switch off and do work, which is what I need to do.

I need to start.

So I'm going to take you guys there for that.

But, excitingly at 4:00 o'clock, because normally this would be a really, really, really exciting day and I don't want the pandemic to cancel that out, I'm collecting my uniform.

Because of the pandemic, we were given a time slot.

Mine is 4:00 o'clock today.

So in five hours, I'll be collecting my uniform, which is really, really, really exciting.

But because of the university guidelines and the uniform guidelines issued by the university, I won't be able to show you my uniform on, if that makes sense.

So I'll take you guys and collect the uniform and talk about how you do this, how the university have put things in place in regards to safety and the pandemic and it should be really, really exciting.

And make sure you stay to the end, make sure you like and subscribe down below, and let's get into the video.

Yeah, so this here is the ring light that I use, this is here, and this is my little recording backdrop.

Lucy's room is really nice.

I don't know if you've seen Lucy's room before, but this is Lucy's student room.

You've seen mine before, but this is Lucy's.

Pretty organized, have a look out onto the garden, which is really, really lovely.

So I'm going to go now and record this video and I'll catch you guys after that.

Okay, there we are.

That's the coming back video that I recorded, and I hadn't recorded for a month and a half before this video, I just recorded the video and it kind of got a bit deep.

I spoken about the lack of motivation regarding lockdown and stuff like that and I think it was a very, very similar feeling that I've had to many, many people and I've kind of pushed it to the side and not been doing as much as I wanted to do and the motivation hasn't been there as much as it needed to be basically.

6.05 Lunchtime

So it's currently midday, 12:00 o'clock.

So I'm going to have lunch in about an hour. I'm going to do some work beforehand.

I'm going to try and get my introduction done today, but I talk about that in a moment.

I'm going to talk about the work that I need to do and the module that it entails as well.

Update, Lucy has just been sent home from placement.

So she's working from home, basically, it's 9:00 to 5:00 community.

But because of the virus, she's been sent home because there's no face-to-face contact really.

So I'm going to go and have some lunch now.

I'm having some soup, I'll show you the soup that I'm going to have, and then we're going to get back into some work.

This is my tomato and basil soup from Sainsbury's, £1.

Honestly, if you like soup just as much as I do, you need to try this soup, especially from either Sainsbury's, Asda or Tesco.

It is amazing, honestly.

Okay. So that is lunch out of the way.

I had some tomato soup, like you guys seen.

I really, really enjoy the tomato and basil soup from either Sainsbury's or Asda.

It's really, really, really nice.

So that's what I had today.

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7.12 Explaining My Modules

I mentioned that I wanted to quickly talk about the different modules because it may be different for other universities.

So we have three different modules.

It's PRNA, which is practice module adults, and also it's specifically for adults.

We have PRNG, which is a general module, so that's what I'm going to be focusing on today.

And then we have PRNP, which is a practice.

So PRNP, practice module placements, going out on placement.

PRNA is specifically to your field specific, so mine will be adults that have mental health, or a child as well.

And then we have general.

Did I mention that?

I don't remember.

Sp general, practice and field specific.

I'm going to be doing today general.

So basically what general is, you have to... Sorry, the lighting's really awful in here there.You have to do basically pick four.

So you'll have a case study and I'm going to just be doing the introduction today.

It's a 3,000 word essay.

You pick a case study.

I think mine's talking about dementia.

And you pick out something from that case study and you have to find a qualitative study backing up the care that you would give, a quantitative study backing up the care that you give, a guidelines and an ethics review that you'd have to do as well.

So you'd have to pick four of those, reflect on whether they're... critically appraise them and then talk about how it will shape your care as a nurse in the future and as a student nurse.

So that's really, really interesting, but really very wordy.

So I'm just trying to make me focus and get around all the... I really struggle to put things onto paper, so that's why I'm getting out of the house, to just motivate myself.

And as soon as I get going with this, I feel it will get the ball moving.

But when it's a 3,000 word essay, it's a bit like, it's quite daunting to start.

But I think when you do start it and when you just put words on the page and just word vomit, then eventually it will start falling into place.

So that's what I'm going to do.

9.19 Working From Home

I didn't expect Lucy to come back so early.

I mean, she was supposed to be doing a 9:00 to 5:00, but because they had no patients, most of them... Well, the have patients, but they were all over WebEx, which is what they do to assess them online now due to the coronavirus.

So she has been basically working from home today.

So she came back at 12:00.

But she had a meeting at 1:00, which is now half one, so she's still in the meeting now.

So we had lunch earlier, that's why I recorded a little bit early because I was going to do some work beforehand and talk about what the module was and talk about that.

But it got brought back, but pushed on a little bit because Lucy finished.

So if I'm going to get my bits together, pack all my stuff up.

I'm going to take a couple of diaries, my laptop, and maybe a couple of snacks, and I'll take you guys over to Pearson.

I think it's open.

I'm about 99% sure, but if I go there and it's shut, then it'll be bit awkward.

Let's see, but let's get my stuff together first.

Okay, so taking with me, I'm going to take and it's take my water bottle, laptop charger, couple of pens and a Twix.

My diary, it's got all my stuff in, a little note pad that I've got, and my laptop.

10.33 Heading Into University & Collecting My Uniform

Okay, so I'm just going to walk there now. It's about a five minute walk from my house.

But as you can see here on the right, this is the student union.

This is basically where you go and just be sociable, drink and do what typical students do.

Coming past here, that's the main canteen where people eat and just drink tea and be usual English, British people.

As we go past the canteen, straight ahead is the Pearson Center, which is where I'm going to be studying probably a couple of hours or so.

So that is studying done, really, really productive session.

But now it's time to pick up my uniform.

It's about a two, three minute walk from where I am, but this is really, really exciting and it's an honour to take you guys with me on this journey.

Ta-da , I finally found the room.

There it is. Just stopped off for a peppermint tea and there's me uniform, collected my uniform now.

I just wanted to update you guys really the day so far.

So basically, I mean, I can't really talk in the library because it's a library, so I just stopped off, got a peppermint tea and just wanted to explain how the day's going and the reason why I need to pick up my uniform.

The reason why I needed to pick up my uniform is because I'm a direct entry student and we haven't got a uniform yet.

We are starting placement on the 16th of November.

So obviously we need uniform.

So basically what this means is I had to come pick it to at a private session, which everyone by the university said, because they don't want people to be bombarded in collecting a uniform and it's the university's way of abiding by social distancing and you get given... Your surname is selected.

So mine was Sand, so it's pushed onto the back.

I was given a time slot.

So my time was 3:00 to 4:00. I went to the room, no one was there.

I could pick up my uniform, and it was a really, really good way to abide by the social distancing and use social distance by doing that, which is really, really good.

I thought the university planned it quite well.

But in terms of studying now, so I've collected my uniform.

I'm having a half an hour break, having a Twix, having a peppermint tea, and then I'm going to go back to the library and probably try and finish off my introduction and start my main body of my assignment of my general module for nursing, which is really, really exciting.

But I've just pulled down my mask to give me a little bit of fresh air.

I'm outside now so I can take down my mask and so there's no real reason to wear it on outside of the university because ventilation, so it's pretty good.

So I just come outside.

It's quite a nice day.

It's quite a chilly day, but it's just nice to just sit and have some time to yourself, have a cup of tea and go from there really.

Normally the university looks really, really nice, and this is the seating area just outside.

The library is just... Not the library, the Pearson Center is just around there.

But there's been a lot of construction going on at the moment because obviously no students are really here.

So it's looks a little bit messy at the moment, but normally it looks really, really nice.

13.38 Reflecting On The Day

Hello, guys. So I am back now.

It is currently 20 past seven.

I've been back for about an hour or so.

I left Pearson around a quarter to six, half past five.

Really, really productive day today.

I got lots of things done, record two videos, collected my uniform, but also I have started my assignment.

That's the main thing, I've started my assignment, and that's what I focused on.

Got my introduction ready, so that's really good.

A couple of references in there, which is really good to see.

And this time I've not left my referencing until the last.

I've actually done my referencing because I found that with my last assignments, that if you leave your assignment, your referencing until last, you have a mammoth task of trying to deal with the referencing.So that really put me off last time.

And I think it's easy to do that and you understand the assignment more if you just go and do the references as you go.

I mean, what I mean by references is actually put them in your reference list as you go along.

But yes, I'm going to go and do some dinner now.

I'm having burger and chips, homemade, so that'd be really, really nice.

And it's been a really good day, and if you have enjoyed this sort of video, this style of video, vlogging, a Day in the Life, then make sure you do like and subscribe.

I'm starting placement soon on the 16th.

I'm going to be vlogging my days, not on the ward, but I'm going to go in at two and from and reflecting on my day, but taking into consideration confidentiality.

And maybe each week from that placement block, talk about what I did really well and what I felt I could improve on.

I feel like that'd be a really good thing to do, a good reflection tool I feel, and maybe hopefully benefiting people in the long run when I do start my nursing, properly start my nursing and hopefully those videos will help you guys just as maybe these do as well.

So yes, thank you guys for watching.

Make sure you do like and subscribe down below and I'll catch you guys in the next video.


Let me know in the comments your thoughts on Student Nursing and what I've said about day - let's chat there!

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