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  • 24 October 2019
  • 7 min read

Thank You Nurses

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We decided that we need to show you, our audience of Nurses, how much the nation appreciates what you do. So we ran a campaign on Facebook and Instagram to ask the public to share their experiences of the Nursing care they’ve recently received. The response was overwhelming. We’ve posted some of our favourites here!

Play video: we loved the messages of support so much we created a little video of them


My thank you goes to the most loving nurses out in intensive care at Harefield Hospital for the love and support they gave me and my beautiful granddaughter, Courtney.

11 years ago I lost Michelle, my daughter. But the care and support never stopped. They supported me bringing up her daughter, my darling Courtney.

Sadly Courtney also died in January so is now with her mummy. Both suffered terribly with heart disease. Michelle suffered from a lot of blood clots. Courtney had a heart transplant in 2011.

These special nurses came to see her and helped but it started rejecting in July last year.

My baby girls are badly missed.

My family would like to give extra special Thank Yous to Jill Smith and Angie. The whole unit had the best nurses and doctors.

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Margaret Wiersin

Thank you to my daughter Michelle u do a great job God bless all u nurses xx

Lorraine McDonnell

Can't thank all the wonderful nurses enough for their kindness.

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Kathy Rendall

I would like to thank all nursing staff at East Grinstead hospital those on Canadian wing and especially the Macmillan nurses whose kindness and understanding have made it easier for my husbands treatment 👏💖thank you all 💐

Thomas Hooker

Thank you to all nurses everywhere, and don’t forget the carers every where, love Tom xxx  

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Belinda Heron

I would like to say a huge Thank you to our local team of district nurses from ilfracombe medical centre they are an amazing support to me, over the years ive seen new nurses join the team while others have moved on to new jobs others have retired but i am so very grateful for the care and kindness they give me constantly xxxxx

John Cliffe

The backbone of the NHS. I had major surgery 3 years ago, and still remember the kindness and professionalism of the nurses who looked after me, The named nurse who was supervising my case give me the confidence to get through the surgery. Before I went down for the pre-op she said "I will be waiting for you when you come round in the post-op unit", and when I woke up, there she was as promised, That was at the Royal Stoke Hospital , Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs for reference.

Gloria Thompson

Nursed most of my working life loved every second. Have had cause to use the NHS quite a lot past few years nothing but the most wonderful care. Thanking all the Nurses who have been so kind to me.

Libby Davies

The Finest Workforce in The Land! Bless you. 😉🙏🦋

Rose Rose

Thank you you're all gods Angels to do what you do and always with a smile thank you all xxxx

Marilyn Dickens

I’m a cancer patient. The NHS nurses are amazing. I can’t fault them.

Sarah Turner

All nurses are angels from the most senior nurses to the nursing assistants including all medical staff and all NHS workers. They do a brilliant job and work hard, long hours dedicated to their jobs. God bless them.

Sandra Carlyle

Thanks to all the nurses. They work tirelessly for all who are ill and put up with a lot of nastiness and bullying whilst doing a job they love and are committed to. A big WELL DONE and thank you one and all.

Mal Courtney

Well done and u do a great job thanks to all the nursing staff x

James Brown

I have just had a week in Hospital n been looked after very well thank you all

Doreen Richards

Had an operation 6 weeks ago. Thank you to the nurses. Brilliant xx

Wendy Sherlock Jones

Thank you lovely nurses x

Jennifer Jones

I had a liver stone removed on Tuesday at St James Leeds. Fantastic caring staff. Thank you

Susan Fairless

Thank you nursing staff. Xx.

Michell Jagger

The nurses were brilliant when I was in hospital and they do a good job

Carol Williams

Thank you all for your hard work.

Kath Wood

Thank you all for your hard work and care x

Irene Tennent

Thank you to all nursing staff and auxiliary’s

Maureen Dalglish

Thank you for all the very hard work you do for us x

Mary Allison

Thank you nurses

Issy Shillinglaw

You do a great job thank you xx

Sue Edwards


Nana Doreen

Well done you are very precious

Ann Sherlock

Thank you all

Gerald Brown

Thank you!

John Stanley Owen

Thank you all

Kate Roscoe

Ur are truly Angels

Lesley Thomas


Carol Roberts

Thank you all

Shirley Roberts


Kay Mcilwrath


Pat Groucutt

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication xx

End note

I was handed the results of the campaign and was amazed at the number of comments and stories people had sent.

At first didn’t actually know what to do with it all.

I read, from top down, the comments from Facebook and have to say I found it a pretty moving experience.

Line after line of gratitude, respect, love and thanks. It became quite addictive. So much positivity!

So I hope any Nurses browsing this list of tributes from around the UK takes it for what it is: a communal THANK YOU to you as an individual and as part of a massive team.


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