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  • 01 June 2021
  • 3 min read

My Must-Have Book For Aspiring Children’s Nurses

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Play video: "I've had it for about a year and a half now, and it has been my lifesavers from day one."

Children’s Nurse in training, Alexandria offers her must-have book recommendation for any aspiring Children’s Nurses, giving a rundown of what’s inside and why she thinks it’s an essential book.

Hi guys, it's Alexandria Grace.

I just wanted to give you guys one of my book recommendations, mostly for Student Nurses.

It's a really good book to use for referencing and just for your general knowledge and revision.

This book is a very very heavy book.

It is The Great Ormond Street Hospital Manual of Children's Nursing Practices.

So if you are studying Children's Nursing, I would definitely recommend getting this book.

It is absolutely huge as you can see; like there's hundreds and hundreds of pages and it was just filled with so many different things from how to just simply do vital signs to things like breastfeeding, cannulation pain management, palliative care.

There's so much in this book.

Any assignment you have I guarantee you that there will be something in this book that you can use to reference.

At the moment I'm doing an assignment about neonatal jaundice and this book has been my lifesaver regarding talking about the baby's feeds, talking about prematurity, talking about the jaundice itself and the treatment for jaundice.

It obviously is backed up with nice guidelines and other credible sources.

It's just a very good book.

And it's just really good for your own general knowledge and for revision on how to do certain tasks and remembering your aseptic technique and how to keep things sterile before you do a procedure.

It's just one of those books that is really really useful to just brush up on any skills or just general knowledge that you might need about some biological processes as well.

For most of the sections in the book it will tell you kind of like the pathophysiology of the illness it's talking about or just the kind of biological introduction to whatever they're talking about.

And then it will go on to saying how that's managed or treated and any procedures that come with that certain topic that they're talking about.

So yeah, it is a really, really good book.

Highly recommended it.

I think it's about 30 pounds?

I bought it at the beginning of first year so I've had it for about a year and a half now, and it has been my lifesavers from day one all till now.

And I know I'm definitely going to still be referring to it in my third year and probably when I qualify as well.

If you want to add to your Nursing book collection I would definitely recommend this for children's Nursing Students or Children's Nurses.

If you do buy it, let me know what you think.

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About the author

I'm a Newly Registered Nurse specialising in Children’s Nursing, which I have a great passion for. I feel very strongly about equal treatment and care for everyone, as it sets all children and young people up for the best future possible! I create vlogs following my Nursing journey and advice videos to help others along their own journeys too.

    • Aubrey Hollebon
    • Richard Gill
    • Mat Martin
    • melissa gettings
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    • melissa gettings 2 years ago
      melissa gettings
    • melissa gettings
      2 years ago

      Hiya Alexandria, a book we always seemed to refer to on the wards when I was a student was the ... read more