The Academy
Support & Retain Your Staff

The Academy is a suite of career coaching programmes & career development services created by Nurses.

The Academy is provided to healthcare and social care organisations - our Academy Partners. Academy Partners choose the staff they want to support and retain and then make The Academy available to them.

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What Academy Partners Can Get

Career Coaching & Career Development For
Nurses & Care Professionals

Clinical Career Coaching

"We spoke each week about a number of things work related - having a work / life balance and a 5-year plan and how I am going to do that. We spoke about how I’m going to achieve all my goals. I’ve since started a maths course and I’ve had conversations with my manger. I'll go on to nursing down the apprenticeship route. It’ll be the start to an exciting and bright future for me!" - HCA, NHS

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Coach Training Workshop

"Great course! I felt as though I gained some valuable coaching skills and loved that we came away with more course material to read" - Retention Lead, NHS

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Staff Support Workshop

This Workshop means, whatever budget you have for CPD or retention, we can help you help your Nurses and HCAs feel recognised and be supported - and retain them.

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Online Academy

Our Online Academy provides your Nurses and HCAs / HCSWs with access to our CPD Certified course, as well as the knowledge of outside specialist experts in our unique 'Masterclass Series' of videos.

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CPD Certified is a member of the CPD Certification Service and our Coaching Programme has been certified (Certificate No. A032650). This means each learner can claim the hours from our programme as points towards their CPD portfolio and used for Revalidation or other career development requirements.

Meet Our Clinical Career Coach

Nikki Goodhew

Nikki Goodhew

Clinical Career Manager & Registered Nurse

I qualified in 1985 and have worked as a lead nurse, practice nurse and care home clinical lead, among other nursing roles. I've also spent time working as a qualified life coach and helped people transition in their careers.

How Will Organisations Benefit?

  • Increase retention
  • Reduce absence
  • Increase leadership skills
  • Demonstrate staff support
  • Create advocates
  • Improve patient care