The Academy
Support & Retain Your Staff

The Academy is a suite of career coaching programmes & career development services created by Nurses.

The Academy is provided to healthcare and social care organisations - our Academy Partners. Academy Partners choose the staff they want to support and retain and then make The Academy available to them.

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What Academy Partners Can Get

Career Coaching & Career Development For
Nurses & Care Professionals

1-2-1 Career Coaching
  • CPD Certified ‘Academy Coach Training’ Programme will train a member of your team to become your own in-house coach
  • CPD Certified 21 Module Career Coaching Programme
  • Bespoke Career Development Packages
Online Academy

Easy mobile access to:

  • Online CPD Certified 21 Module Coaching Programme
  • Masterclass Series Videos
  • Community Contributor Insights
Programme Licence

Use our CPD Certified Coaching Programme as core reference material for your in-house coaching.


Everything we learn is fed back into The Academy to benefit the Academy Partner Network

What Is The Academy?

Your staff will benefit from our suite of career coaching and career development services. The Academy has been created by Nurses. Nurses and Care Professionals will learn that they are at the centre of their own career. Seeing that they can take accountability over their career pathway will empower them.

It is tailored specifically for UK nursing and care sector staff. The Academy is an all-in-one package. Our career coaching package includes unique online content (easily accessible via a mobile phone), and 'real-world' work and support from our Career Coaching team. There's nothing else like it.

The Academy coaches Nurses & Care Professionals to help them grow personally. They will develop transformational strategies to drive their career forward within the organisation they work for.

You choose the staff you want to make an Academy Member. We have packaged it to make it as affordable as possible.

All Nurses and Care Professionals will find real value and meaning here. They will learn a suite of life-changing personal tools, techniques and processes that will give them strategies to face challenges, and approach life and work positively.

They will build their sense of self-worth and acquire a growth mindset. They will be helped to create a career development plan.

They will learn and be inspired by their peers and experts in a wide range of fields from across many industry sectors.

All of the modules, videos, articles, interventions and insights have been produced just for The Academy with the intention to show that your Nurses and Care Professionals are supported by you.

CPD Certified is a member of the CPD Certification Service and our Coaching Programme has been certified (Certificate No. A032650). This means each learner can claim the hours from our programme as points towards their CPD portfolio and used for Revalidation or other career development requirements.

Meet Our Clinical Career Coach

Nikki Goodhew

Nikki Goodhew

Clinical Career Manager & Registered Nurse

I qualified in 1985 and have worked as a lead nurse, practice nurse and care home clinical lead, among other nursing roles. I've also spent time working as a qualified life coach and helped people transition in their careers.

How Will Organisations Benefit?

  • Increase retention
  • Reduce absence
  • Increase leadership skills
  • Demonstrate staff support
  • Create advocates
  • Improve patient care