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Claire Quinn - Adult Nurse

  • Claire Quinn
    Student Nurse and Vlogger
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Claire’s Irish background gives her a rare perspective on UK nursing.

As a student Adult Nurse, her videos are explorations of her passion for nursing - why she chose it, her best experiences - as well as more practical guides on nursing school.

Top 3 Nursing interview questions, and how to answer them

Having been offered a new job, Claire, outlines her interview experience by breaking down each question, and how she answered.

How to develop your confidence as a Student Nurse

Claire, gives 5 tips on how to improve your confidence as you journey through your three years as a student nurse.

How to stay motivated in nursing school

Keeping motivated can sometimes be a struggle. Student Nurse, Claire Quinn, discusses how she keeps motivated on her nursing course, and gives a rundown of her top tips.

How to cope with working night shifts as a nurse

Claire looks at night shift work and how nurses can manage their life around a working routine that is sometimes chaotic.

The top 3 things student nurses need to know on placement

When student nurses go on placement the three most important things they'll need to get familiar with are: paperwork, the routine and medication. Claire explains more...

My New Year's nursing resolutions

In today's video, I'm going to talk about how to pick some new year's resolutions that you can incorporate into your nursing career and really make your time in nursing school the best it can be.

Making the most of your nursing placement to prepare for when you qualify

Placement will, one day, be your nurse job. If we can make the most out of placement then we will prepare ourselves best for when nursing becomes our work.

How to get the most out of your student nurse experience

This video is about how to make the most out of your student nursing career and your time as a student nurse so that when you're qualified you're ready for everything!

Five tips for Student Nurses entering their first year of a degree

Claire gives 5 tips to help Student Nurses stay on course through their first year, placement and other challenging experiences.

Overcoming negativity one step at a time

In this video Claire re-tells the inspirational story of Kate Allatt who overcame locked-in-syndrome and the negativity of the medical staff around her to recover her communication skills and walk out of hospital.

What to expect from your first week at university

If you're going to uni to study nursing, first of all - congratulations! Secondly, we know it can be a scary time, so Claire is here to share what you can expect during your first week!

Student nursing Q&A with Claire

Are you a student nurse or thinking of a career in nursing? In this vlog, Claire answers all your questions regarding student nursing.

My favourite things about nursing

Claire has just finished her second year as a student nurse. In this video, she shares her favourite things about nursing that makes the hard work worthwhile!

Is nursing the right career for me?

Do you find yourself glued to the TV when hospital documentaries are on? Do you get a kick out of caring for others? Maybe nursing is the right career for you - find out in Claire's vlog.

What do I need for nursing school?

In this blog and vlog, Claire shares her nursing school must-haves to ensure that your time studying is as stress-free as possible.

My 5 best experiences as a student nurse

In this blog and vlog, Claire shares her favourite nursing experiences she's had so far.

An introduction to nursing in Ireland

Claire is a second year adult nursing student from Ireland, but studies in the UK. In this blog she tells us why nursing in Ireland is such a fantastic opportunity.

What inspired me to be a nurse?

Claire is currently studying adult nursing at the University of Southampton. In this blog, watch her video about what inspired her to take the path to nursing!

Irish nurses - here's how you can work in the NHS

Claire is an Irish student nurse, studying in England. In this blog she details how you can work in England as a nurse or midwife, even if you have Irish qualifications.

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  • Claire Quinn
    Student Nurse and Vlogger

About the author

  • Claire Quinn
    Student Nurse and Vlogger

Claire is a student adult nurse from Ireland, but studies in the UK. She makes vlogs for her channel, Claire Quinn - Nursing Secrets, where she shares tips and advice from her own experience as a student nurse.

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