• 06 August 2018
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Claire Carmichael - Adult Nurse

  • Claire Carmichael
    Adult Nurse

Claire is a newly qualified Adult Nurse. Claire is not only very positive generally, but is keen to promote nursing in a super positive light. Her passion and empathy are evident too. Claire has insights on the day-to-day aspect of nursing and student nursing. And she also shares her feelings about nursing and care generally, and what her future holds.

A quick video guide to the new NMC standards

A guide to the new NMC standards for nurses. How they affect pre-registration standards and what the new roles of practice advisors / supervisors and practice assessors mean.

Be inspired to become a good Nursing leader

As a Nurse we have to become leaders with our patients. In this vlog Claire helps inspire all Nurses to be a good leader.

Seven tips for Student Nurses about to write their ACPE dissertation

Using her immediate experience, Claire's video provides 7 tips for Student Nurses who are about to start writing their dissertation (ACPE).

How to decide which nursing universities and courses are best

If you’re researching Nursing Universities and wondering how to decide which one is for you, these simple tips will help you reach your decision.

Fear presenting? Follow these 6 nursing presentation idea

Giving presentations is a part of your Nursing career, like it or not! So, to help prepare you, Claire has taken time out to give you 6 Nursing Presentation Tips. Find out how to overcome self-doubt, relax and deliver a great presentation.

What I wish I could tell my past-self about nursing

Now going into her third year, it’s safe to say Claire has a wealth of student nurse experience under her belt. In this video, she shares what she could tell her past self about what nursing would be like!

A day in Claire's life as a student nurse

In this blog, Claire shares what a day in her life looks like as a student nurse, both on placement and at university.

How to stay motivated in nursing

Nursing can be draining at the best of times, so when you find yourself losing motivation how do you reign it back in? Claire shares her tips.

How to deal with shift work

Adapting to working shifts can be really hard and a shock to the system. Claire shares her tips and tricks on how she deals with the demands of working long shifts to make it as easy as possible.

Claire's tips for writing your personal statement

Your personal statement could be the make or break of you getting the job - but how do you stand out against other candidates? Claire shares her tips and tricks to help you get writing!

7 ways to survive the night shift

Night shifts can be a shock to the system, especially when you love your sleep! However, it's mandatory to work nights as part of your nursing course. Here are Claire's tips to get through them.

How to revise effectively and manage your stress levels

Claire shares her tips for revising effectively and managing your stress levels, as exam season approaches.

What brought me into nursing?

Claire shares her inspirational story of how she came to study as a nurse. She had no qualifications and many set backs, but she finally chased her dreams and is now so close to qualifying! Read Claire's story to find out how she did it - and how a boiled egg plays a part in her journey...

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Top nursing school essentials

Claire is in her final year of university as a student nurse. In this video she offers advice about what essential things you need for nursing school!

What I imagine my career as a nurse will be like

Claire has just finished her second year of student nursing. In this video she talks about where she wants her career to take her!

My 5 favourite nursing experiences

Claire is a second year student nurse at Birmingham City University. In this blog she discusses her five favourite nursing experiences, which she believes makes her profession as a nurse the best.

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About the author

  • Claire Carmichael
    Adult Nurse

I am a newly qualified Adult Nurse. I believe that nursing gets a lot of bad press, so I create blogs and vlogs to help anyone considering their nursing career and to create positivity surrounding our profession as I'm so passionate about nursing.

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