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  • 05 November 2010
  • 7 min read

Are you new to Here's how to find and apply for nurse jobs

  • Matt Farrah Co-Founder

Welcome to! Glad you’ve found us and we hope to be the last place you’ll ever need to find nursing jobs. We’ve designed the site to be incredibly easy to use, but just in case you need a few directions here’s how to find what you’re looking for.

Browsing for nurse jobs

We’ve recently redesigned the home page to make it easier to browse nursing jobs by category. Simply scroll down the left hand side of the page and you will see all the nursing sectors listed there. Click on any of the links and you’ll be taken straight to a list of nursing jobs available in that sector.

Searching for a specific nursing job

If you know where in the country you want to work, and what sector you would like to work in you can search specifically for jobs that match your criteria by clicking the ‘Nurses Jobs Search’ option from the top menu bar.

Here you will be able to enter keywords, select nursing sector, desired location and even a specific employer if you know who you want to work for. It’s a great way to find just a few really specific nursing jobs that are relevant for you.

Looking for CV, personal statement or nursing careers advice

We’ve developed a great resource of advice from employers, recruiters and real life nurses to help you with everything about applying for a nursing job. There are articles about writing a nursing CV, a personal statement, cover letter and pretty much anything else you can think of about applying for a nurse job online.

We also write about different areas of nursing and midwifery so if you’re new to the industry you can read about your career options, and what some of the nurses that work in those areas think of their day to day routines.

Register with

Once you’ve had a little look around and you have an idea of the nursing jobs we have available, now is a good time to register your details with us because it will make applying for a job a great deal faster.

Registering is free and you will be guided through the whole process. To start, click the ‘Jobseeker sign in’ button from the top right of the screen. This will take you to the sign in or register screen.

Since you’re new to the site you want to click the orange ‘Sign Up’ button. If you’ve already registered before but can’t remember your details, simply click the ‘forgotten’ link underneath the login boxes and you will be prompted for the email address you originally used.

The site will then email you your password with 10 minutes (it’s usually instant, but some email providers take time to download the message).

Step1 - Personal Details

It’s as simple as it sounds, just complete each part of the form with accurate details.

The phone number field is not compulsory because we know not everyone wants to give a phone number, but a mobile number in this field is preferable to nothing so a recruiter can easily get in touch with you. A work permit is only required if you’re not an EU citizen or already have a working visa, so the common answer is no to this question.

Step 2 - Career Profile

Again, as simple as it sounds. Just start at the top and follow the form to the bottom. It’s important that this information is accurate because it will be automatically sent, along with your CV, whenever you apply for a position.

It’s also how recruiters find you on our CV database, so you could be headhunted for a job just on the basis of an accurate career profile. Follow this link for a more detailed step by step guide on completing the career profile.

When it comes to uploading your CV at the bottom of the page, a word document is the preferable format because nearly all computers can open this. Please don’t use any different file formats other than those listed because the system can’t accept them.

If you have your CV in a programme called Microsoft Works, you won’t be able to upload it in this format. To get it into the correct format from Microsoft Works simply open the document and go to the save as menu. Then select word document or .doc from the list, and this will create your CV in a file format we can accept.

We can’t accept posted CVs because we’re an entirely online business and to get a paper CV online it would require someone here to type our your CV by hand, and to be honest we’d just be swamped with requests! When you get to the bottom of the page you can select not to include your CV in our database to either recruiters, direct employers or both.

We recommend leaving both these options un-ticked because you’re more likely to get the nursing job that is right for you by allowing your CV to be searched.

Once you click the orange ‘Submit CV’ button you’re all done. It’s as simple as that, you’re all ready to go.

Additional features now that you’re registered

Now you’re registered there are so many more things the site can do for you. When you’re browsing through jobs you can press the ‘shortlist job’ button which will save the job to your shortlist.

Simply select ‘Shortlisted jobs’ from the menu on the left hand side of the page and this will display all your selected jobs.Your personal application history can also be found in the left hand menu.

Whenever you apply for a job, it will be stored in this menu. You can link directly back to the job and read the job description again, and see the date you applied.

And as long as you didn’t opt out when you registered, you will also receive job alert emails whenever a job is posted that matches your criteria. This means you’re one of the first to know about this role, and potentially one of the first to apply.

Found a job you want to apply for

That’s great, you’ve found a job you really want to apply for. Now that you’re registered and logged in, applying for a job really only takes about 30 seconds.

Get the job you want to apply for open and read through the job description again. Then at the bottom of the page there is a space for you to write a cover letter, and it’s always beneficial to write one even if it’s quite short.

Follow this link if need more assistance writing a good cover letter.

Your CV and all your details are then sent in an email to the recruiter who posted the job as soon as you click ‘Submit’.

You will always receive a copy of that email, so check your junk email folder in case you don’t receive it. This email will also give you the contact details of the recruiter your application has been sent to in case you need to follow it up.

And it’s a simple as that. All you need to do is login from time to time to keep your career profile up to date and change your CV whenever you have a new one.

You can keep your account for as long as you like, and use it as part of your nursing portfolio to record your professional development activities as you complete them.

That way, it’s all there ready to go when you want to apply for another nurse job.

About the author

  • Matt Farrah Co-Founder

I'm fascinated by the career choices we all make. It speaks about who we are. People choose to become a nurse for a number of reasons. In our articles I like to explore these career choices. But they always share a common theme, which is that Nurses want to put other people first and they find a deep satisfaction in that.

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  • Matt Farrah Co-Founder

About the author

  • Matt Farrah Co-Founder

I'm fascinated by the career choices we all make. It speaks about who we are. People choose to become a nurse for a number of reasons. In our articles I like to explore these career choices. But they always share a common theme, which is that Nurses want to put other people first and they find a deep satisfaction in that.