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About Our Nursing Recruitment Services

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Find out how Nurses.co.uk can help your nursing recruitment.

On this page we explain who we are and how we can help if you're looking to hire and recruit nurses and care home managers. Updated 10th June 2020.

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About Nurses.co.uk

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Nursing recruitment advice

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About Nurses.co.uk

Nurses.co.uk was launched in 2008. We publish information for nurses that helps support their career.

We invite those working or studying nursing to contribute articles about their working experiences.

We now have an archive of over 1000 written and filmed pieces by nurses.

This shared information and advice helps to improve practice, and support the careers of everyone working in nursing.

Our jobs section lists 1000s of NHS and private nursing jobs in primary and secondary care, care homes and clinics.

We also promote 100s of care home manager roles.

Our job section is a fully functioning job board with job alert emails, CV watchdogs, CV searching and other recruitment tools to help you find the nursing staff you need.

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Stats and data

• 202,342 monthly readership (May 2020)

• 337,246 registered CVs (as of March 2020)

• 3,991 applications (May 2020 inc health and social care jobs)

• 58,573 engaged newsletter readership (split into all branches and many nursing specialisms, plus social care sectors, care home staff, AHPs, healthcare and medical audiences)

• 15,000 Facebook followers

• 18,300 Instagram followers

Customers and Testimonials

Since 2008 we've helped hundreds of agencies and employers find the nursing, care and medical staff they need. These represent just a few of those organisations.

See all of our existing clients here.

Shayne Parfrey, Jarrodean Healthcare

"Thanks to Niche Jobs we've made some good placements over the years. I know they work hard to reach nurses and other healthcare staff that I can't find elsewhere. They also seem genuinely interested in providing a useful, free service with information for their audience - setting them apart from stand-alone jobs boards. They're a very friendly team too and that helps when I have a problem that I need to quickly resolve."

Beyond Interactive Communications

"We've worked with Nurses.co.uk for many years now. They're fine partners: friendly, cooperative and really happy to help. They also come to us with innovative ideas and suggestions on improving response rates, job ads and suggesting raised activity levels."

Nursing recruitment advice

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Nursing recruitment articles

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Quarter of hospital staff born overseas raises concerns over immigration policies

Nurses and other health workers begin industrial action in Northern Ireland

It's 31,000 nurses not 50,000 - Johnson admits pledge was incorrect

Number of practising nurses in UK considerably lower than other high-income countries

Over one thousand EU nurses have left NHS since referendum

Half of 50,000 nurses promised by Tories would need to come from overseas

Tories pledge 50,000 more nurses, to bring back student bursaries and £1bn extra on social care

How Care Home Managers can hire with success and why getting recruitment right is so important

Labour pledges to end NHS crisis with £26bn real-terms rescue plan

Johnson promises new NHS visa to fast track recruitment of overseas nurses

Foreign-trained doctors help drive up overall numbers in UK

Thank You Nurses

Corbyn promises truly universal health service 

A&E faces perfect storm of staff shortages and rising demand

Boris Johnson announces plans for 40 new hospitals in England in a decade

Ministers considering financial support for student nurses to deal with nursing staff crisis

Angry parent tells Boris Johnson shortage of Nurses is not acceptable

RCN survey results match our own survey: shortage of nursing staff risks patient safety

Cancer patients losing out due to nursing staff shortage

Johnson courts Nurses and Midwives with financial offers

No-deal Brexit could exacerbate NHS staffing crisis, health think tanks claim 

Chancellor announces £210m funding to help train and retain Nurses 

115,000 missed out on early cancer diagnosis amid NHS staff shortages – charity 

Google For Jobs under review by EU anti-trust regulator 

Staff shortage leads to NHS increasing spend on private ambulances and taxis to more than £92m 

Mental health problems main cause of sick days for NHS workers 

GP surgeries in England ordered to stop half-day closing 

Care Home Quality Podcast - episode 6 with Medical Director Dr. Umesh Prabhu 

Which hospitals will get upgrades under Johnson’s spending pledge? 

My favourite things about nursing 

Number of A&E patients waiting more than four hours up by a third 

Majority of GPs have cut hours or plan to amid pension concerns - survey 

How to change your career and become a nurse 

How to get Outstanding in your Care Home - podcast 

85% of nurses do not believe New Pay Deal will help solve staffing crisis 

Bursary is the key to solving the staffing crisis, according to our survey 

Will the MAC's changes to the Shortage Occupation List be enough to save the NHS? 

95% of Nurses say patient health is at risk (and it's due to NHS staff shortages) 

Patients at risk from growing NHS waiting lists 

Target of hiring 5,000 foreign nurses a year for the NHS has been cut 

Staggering increase in patients waiting too long for NHS treatment, Tories say 

Scrapping of Student Nurse bursary will lead to 68,500 nursing vacancy shortage by 2024 

The number of mental health nurses has dropped by 10.6% in 10 years 

A hospital in Oxford is set to close due to NHS staffing crisis 

Anxiety over job security after Brexit has caused EU nurses to leave posts at Oxford hospitals 

Staff shortages could threaten NHS long-term plan, report warns 

NHS’s 107,000 staff vacancies ‘risk becoming a national emergency’ 

How Are Pressures On The NHS Affecting Nursing Recruitment?

How important is immigration for NHS nursing? 

About the author

  • Matt Farrah
    Nurses.co.uk Co-Founder

I studied English before moving into publishing in the mid 90s. I co-founded Nurses.co.uk in 2008. I’m interested in providing a platform that gives a voice to nurses and those working in care and nursing. I'm fascinated by the career choices we make. In the case of those working in care I've discovered that there's a positive, life-affirming common theme.

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  • Matt Farrah
    Nurses.co.uk Co-Founder

About the author

  • Matt Farrah
    Nurses.co.uk Co-Founder

I studied English before moving into publishing in the mid 90s. I co-founded Nurses.co.uk in 2008. I’m interested in providing a platform that gives a voice to nurses and those working in care and nursing. I'm fascinated by the career choices we make. In the case of those working in care I've discovered that there's a positive, life-affirming common theme.

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