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Priority House

Maidstone, Kent, England, ME16 9PH

Priority House by Kent & Medway NHS & Social Care Partnership Trust nursing jobs, care jobs, clinical & healthcare jobs and careers information by

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Careers at Priority House

Priority House is part of the Kent & Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust. It is an adult mental health unit and has a variety of differing services operating from it, including acute psychiatric wards and community-based teams. Employing 364 staff, including 96 nurses, and spread over 5 wards housing 86 beds, we offer fantastic career opportunities to a wide range of clinical, nursing (Adult and Mental Health nurses) and care professionals in a location that has easy access to London and local amenities. Find out how we can help you take your career forward!

Services we provide at Priority House NHS

NHS Priority House is based in Hermitage Lane, Maidstone, Kent. We have 5 wards (our 5th ward, the Ruby Ward, opened in March 2024) - acute psychiatric wards offering assessment and treatment interventions to people who are acutely unwell. The wards are single gender and comprise both younger adults and older adults depending on their presenting needs.

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The Trust-wide ECT (Electro Convulsive Therapy) service is also based at Priority House and facilitates ECT to both inpatients and outpatients as determined by their consultant. This is a treatment that is extremely effective and is used following patients trying several drug treatments without success.

Priority House also has the CRHT (crisis resolution and home treatment team) services based within it. The CRHT support patients through a safe and effective community-based treatment in the least restrictive and most appropriate environment - it is for those who are experiencing a mental health crisis.

The Place of Safety West is also here and they are the receiving service for patients who have been put on a S136 by the police and require a safe and supportive environment whilst they await a MHA assessment.

Finally, the 836-phone clinical advice line is a service for the police to use when they are concerned about a person’s mental health to determine the support that may be required and offer a MHA assessment if appropriate to do so.

The building also has some corporate and support services based within it, as well as some hot-desking facilities.

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Job roles at Priority House

The wards at Priority House consist of a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare assistants (HCAs), nurses (RGN and RMN), Allied Health Professionals including occupational therapists, plus psychologists, peer support workers, junior doctors and consultants. The nurse positions we employ are Nursing Associate, Newly Registered Nurse, Staff Nurse, Charge Nurse, Senior Nurse. We also employ matrons and a chief nurse (although they do not operate just for Priority House and they are not based here).

All staff will be expected to get involved with personal care.

Day to day job functions for our healthcare workers

Our HCAs are very ‘hands-on’ and are able to spend a lot of time with patients, as well as the other qualified staff. It is therefore a very active role with a great deal of interaction. This will suit someone who enjoys being a ‘people person’. For instance, you will be supporting meal times, encouraging patients to have their medication and of course, assisting them with their emotional needs.

HCAs at Priority House will join some of the activity groups that are facilitated by our Occupational Therapists (OTs). And you’ll be encouraged to facilitate some of the more informal therapeutic activities for patients. You will generally spend time with them, talking with them, reassuring them. Finally, HCAs have the opportunity to take patients out on escorted leave.

We do not require HCAs to have had prior experience. We offer and provide training - on the job training and also induction and training courses provided for by Kent & Medway NHS Trust. You will need to study for your care certificate.

Our HCAs also learn through role modelling and working alongside staff - learning through osmosis!

Nursing job functions at Priority House

As with our HCAs, nurses might have to assist with some basic personal care for our patients - this is especially so for our mental health nurses. Our mental health nurses will be required to assist with medication management and administering medication.

Physical health nurses are there as experts on physical health conditions and presentations.

Nurses will be involved in our ward rounds and ward meetings, and will be ensuring the correct management of the legal aspects of the mental health act.

Nurses can expect to have contact with carers and relatives of patients too.

We are happy to take our nurses straight from university, entering employment at Band 5. Of course, it’s great if you have had a placement with us, but it is certainly not necessary. Those who have had a placement with us will tend to be fast-tracked into a job role within the Trust.

Our physical health nurses do not need any mental health care experience - it is not a requirement we look for.

Occupational therapists

The O.T provides assessment & therapeutic interventions. These may include cooking, creative, physical activities among others. Our OTs work with the patients to help them be as independent as they possibly can be, facilitating activities either on an individual level or within a group setting.

As an OT at Priority House you will be assessing our patients’ abilities with personal care tasks, cooking, money management, public transport, work, leisure, education and helping them liaise with social services about care packages they might need - depending on their abilities.

You will feed information back during meetings to the MDT for ward rounds, and also for meetings with the patient and their family.

Peer support workers

This is someone who’s had some lived experience of mental health difficulties and are able to use that and channel it into a skill so that you can empathise in ways not always possible by those who have not had lived experience. This motivates our patients and gives them hope and is an effective approach.

Job contract types

We offer flexible working, and welcome different contract types and encourage all permanent staff to sign up for bank.

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Priority House nursing jobs and careers information by House nursing jobs and careers information by

Developing your career at Priority House

All of the qualified nurses who join us at Band 5 are placed on our preceptorship program, lasting 12 months. This helps establish you in your role and offers support as you grow into it.

Diversify your career

Within the Trust we can offer a wide choice of opportunities for employees to diversify into different clinical areas and roles. For instance, we can provide career opportunities with different services and functions: community healthcare, forensic healthcare, mother and baby, drugs and alcohol, as well as learning disabilities.

Step into management

If you feel that you would like to evolve your career into a management position we can provide a large package around Management Essentials, allowing you to take some of your management training right here in our Trust. Let us support your journey!

Career defining training

Kent & Medway NHS Trust positively encourages people to take up training courses through NHS England. For instance, the Mary Seacole leadership development programme and, for those who want to progress further, taking a Masters with advanced qualifications such as nurse prescribing courses.

“If you feel that you would like to evolve your career into a management position let us support your journey!”

Courses and training are available and supported for those who wish to pursue them. We are happy to explain in more detail, but most of our training is funded - especially if it is directly related to your work.

If your training is part of an apprenticeship programme then you will usually be offered the chance to take a study day each week.

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Our culture and values

From away-days for team cohesion to ensuring everyone is heard, we strive to help people feel supported and heard.


We provide support groups for people with these protected characteristics:

● Disabilities
● Religion
● Equality and Diversity

There are EDI leads within our organisation who are very engaged and active. As a Trust we are always looking at our DE&I culture, and how it can evolve and improve. To do that, we frequently run surveys and build training that we learn from them.

We believe passionately that inclusion is vital and are proud to say we welcome all walks of life, offer flexibility and support. This helps people feel at home and safe and also helps us drive up our retention success levels.

We support the freedom to speak up, with the ‘Speak Up Guardian’ system in place.

Flexible working

We are happy to offer flexible working, where possible. For instance, if a member of staff needs their working day or shift pattern adjusted (for example, to help with childcare, or you have caring responsibilities for elderly relatives) we will always do our best to accommodate that.

Staff complete a flexible working request and this is reviewed by the manager.


We promote wellness within the Trust and support this with a number of initiatives from the menopause cafe to the Schwartz round, and facilitate these initiatives through a wellness lead for the Trust.

Be heard

Staff engagement sessions help to make sure people feel heard across the organisation. We believe it is vital that employees feel that they have a voice. This is why we launched our ‘Speak to Sheila’ sessions each month where anyone can speak with our newly appointed Chief Executive.

Our Chief People’s Officer is always on hand and happy to receive staff concerns.

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About our location and facility access

Priority House is within walking distance from Maidstone town centre. But for those driving here, we are very pleased to say that we have parking available for staff, and that it is free! We try to make it as easy as possible to come and go from Priority House by car. This includes disabled parking and a drop off zone. To help staff who drive electric cars, we are installing EV charging stations.

For those who wish to take other transport, we are close to the local train station (Barming) - staff are able to walk from there, or cycle (we have bike racks).

Local amenities

There are plenty of schools in the area, so for those who are considering relocating with a young family, you will be well served. There’s also a college, Mid Kent College, as well as Canterbury University’s Medway campus approximately 10 miles away.

Maidstone has a leisure centre, a swimming pool, plenty of green spaces. There are beaches in Kent - about 45 minutes drive to the coast. There are a choice of restaurants, as well as the Blue Water shopping centre, while trips into the centre of London take just 50 minutes by train.

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