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22-24 Upper Marlborough Road, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 3AL

Diaverum nursing jobs, care jobs, clinical & healthcare jobs and careers information by Nurses.co.uk

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About Diaverum

Diaverum is a Swedish-born, multinational healthcare organisation that provides life-enhancing renal care to patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), empowering them to live fulfilling lives. As a global leader and the largest independent renal service provider in Europe, we care for around 40,000 patients across 440 clinics in 24 countries globally. Diaverum employs around 13,000 people worldwide and is headquartered in Malmö, Sweden. Diaverum currently operates over 30 kidney treatment centres across the UK. We work in close cooperation with NHS Main Renal Units, and deliver dialysis and associated renal services from our network of facilities across the country. As the leading independent renal service provider in the UK, we are fully focused on patient care, and our objectives are closely aligned with our NHS partners.

Our focus is providing haemodialysis for people with kidney failure (defined as when your kidneys are working at 15% or less than their usual capacity).

Our patients are those with kidney failure, often as a result of diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney inflammation, inherited conditions or in many cases, due to unknown causes.

Our nurse-led units employ not only specialist nurses, but also dialysis assistants, healthcare assistants, renal engineers, to deliver personalised care for patients.

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Diaverum nursing jobs, care jobs, clinical & healthcare jobs and careers information by Nurses.co.uk

Renal services provided by Diaverum

We serve the following groups of care receivers:

● Patients with loss of renal function
● Patients in kidney failure
● Patients in need of a kidney transplant
● Patients with comorbidities or unique disease patterns

These are the services we offer at Diaverum
● Haemodialysis
● Nocturnal dialysis
● Home haemodialysis

Diaverum nursing jobs, care jobs, clinical & healthcare jobs and careers information by Nurses.co.uk

Careers at Diaverum

Our people are our greatest asset. It is through them that we care for our patients, attract and retain top talent.

Most of our team members are nurses, as our centres are all nurse-led. They are experts in care and participate in the smooth running of the facilities, as well as exchanging ideas to improve care company wide.

Our renal nurses will specialise in a dynamic dialysis environment and build meaningful relationships with patients.

Our nurse-patient ratio is 1:4, which ensures our nurses have ample time to provide exceptional care to patients, including time to liaise with other professionals and plan care.

Nurses join us from many areas of nursing, and while clinical experience in renal care is welcomed, it is not essential to work for us, since we train our nurses comprehensively.

Healthcare assistants and dialysis assistants play a vital role following patient procedures, and are therefore offered training, e-learning and access to our in-house education program.

Our clinic managers are experienced and motivated nurses that ensure full clinical and operational management of the facility.

With their experience in haemodialysis being paramount to their role, nurses at Diaverum have many opportunities to progress their career to become clinic managers or take on other available alternative roles while at Diaverum.

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Nursing careers at Diaverum

Diaverum nurses make up the bulk of the UK Diaverum workforce. Nurses are highly valued for their clinical expertise, but also their ability to build long lasting relationships with receivers of care.

Our NMC Registered General Nurses often come to us without renal setting experience, since we provide comprehensive training for all starters.

Nurses work autonomously and within a multi-disciplinary team. Developing and overseeing care plans, ensuring meticulous documentation of clinical activities, reviewing pre and post hemodialysis care and preparing machines and systems.

Building up a rapport with our receivers of care is just as important as the above responsibilities.

We have a diverse workforce, and can often offer support for international nurses wishing to join our team, including necessary guidance on obtaining a UK nursing qualification.

“I am grateful to Diaverum for their trust and confidence in me and for all the support in processing my return to the UK. To my managers at the Eastbourne clinic: thank you for believing in me and for helping me out the entire time. To my friends and colleagues, many thanks for the words of inspiration and for being my family in the UK.”
Shirley - Nurse

New nurses to Diaverum enter a comprehensive training period, led by experienced clinical leads, and all new nurses are assigned a mentor within the clinic.

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Empowered and educated people are the core of our business. We know that everyone has the potential to develop and to make a career.

“Here at Diaverum, we don’t just focus on renal care, we also treat people, as people - not just as patients”
Donabelle Cabatas - Staff Nurse

Careers for healthcare assistants at Diaverum

Our healthcare assistants play a vital role in improving the quality of life for renal patients.

Working under the supervision of a registered nurse, they maintain equipment, prepare treatment supplies, conduct health checks with patients, escort patients between clinical and waiting areas and are there to support patients in a helpful and friendly manner.

Healthcare assistants can join us with little experience, as full training is given, although a Minimum NVQ Level 2 in Health, Social Care or equivalent is usually expected, along with GCSEs.

Although many of our team have experience in a hospital or healthcare setting, a positive, dynamic and team orientated approach is a must, along with being a good communicator and being able to work independently and part of a team.

Diaverum nursing jobs, care jobs, clinical & healthcare jobs and careers information by Nurses.co.uk

Careers as a dialysis assistant at Diaverum

Dialysis assistants have at least 2 years experience as a care assistant, as well as GCSE education and NVQ3 in Health and Social Care.

They enjoy the same benefits as their colleagues, with free uniforms, refreshments, flu vaccine and a Christmas meal, 35 days holiday, the opportunity for overtime, life assurance, company pension.

Our teams also benefit from management support and health and wellbeing activities.

Clinical managers at Diaverum

Our clinical managers are registered nurses, have experience of Dialysis and are in a management role.

They lead the multi-disciplinary team with dynamism and positivity, ensuring safe and effective care, and staff organisation.

With over 30 centres across the UK, each clinical manager is accountable for the daily operational and clinical management of the service, and continuous improvement of patient outcomes.

Ensuring the staff are well-led, feel supported and organised is a large part of the role, so excellent leadership and communication skills are required.

Diaverum’s career pathways - in their own voice

Employees of Diaverum can expect

● The job security of a well respected organisation
● Robust medical policies and procedures
● Learning and Development programs and thorough training
● Management with good leadership skills
● Excellent career opportunities

Diaverum aims to offer student nurses all over the UK, a fantastic Practice Placement in a renal setting.

Alexandra Spittle, Practice Development Nurse at Diaverum

Alexandra explains how we support student nurses:

“I’m currently in the process of setting up all Diaverum UK clinics as Practice Placement areas for Student Nurses in partnership with multiple universities up and down the country.

“The aim is to give student nurses exposure to the renal setting by providing them an excellent placement full of learning opportunities so they can see first-hand that renal is a fantastic speciality with exciting career pathways.

“While on placement they will see that Diaverum is a great place to work as a newly qualified nurse and hopefully join the Diaverum family. Because at Diaverum UK, not only will their clinical skills and development be a priority but also their wellbeing and personal goals.”

Watch the full video where Allie shares her nursing journey at Diaverum.

At Diaverum, we offer Training and personal development to all members of staff, in order for them to grow their professional skills while working for us. Our Nurses, Doctors and Managers have access to a wide variety of e-learning programmes, including the “d.ACADEMY”, which includes expert research, innovation and knowledge sharing articles. This also includes a digital library designed to support personal development.

Diaverum staff also benefit from regular medical education and training activities, organised for them internally and externally, to ensure that knowledge and growth continue throughout their time with us.

Every new clinic employee is assigned a mentor, who is there to guide them personally and professionally, along with their Managers and Team Leaders.

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Donabelle Cabatas - staff nurse

Diaverum nursing jobs, care jobs, clinical & healthcare jobs and careers information by Nurses.co.uk

Donabelle shares why she loves being a renal nurse:

“When I first became a nurse, I thought I would be going to labour and delivery nursing, but then one of my family members got diagnosed with renal failure, so I thought it was my obligation to know more about renal disease. So I applied to become a renal nurse.

“I realise that in renal nursing, you get to bond with the patients, you get to generate long term relationships with them, you get to be more patient and understanding, it’s not A&E or the OR where patients just come and go. So here at Diaverum, we don’t just focus on renal care, we also treat people as people, and not just as patients.

“Learning here at Diaverum has never stopped, they always educate us to empower ourselves. Nursing for me is not just a job, it’s a vocation.”

Amy Ashmore - Project Manager

Amy outlines the development opportunities and career pathways available at Diaverum:

“Staff are nurtured and supported to grow from within. During my time here, Diaverum have funded additional training courses to help me progress in my career. The senior leadership team are open to having discussions around your role.

“There are different development pathways within the organisation for clinical staff. These add dimensions to one's job, provide variety in our jobs, develop staff and increase knowledge, functional skills and enhance our competencies.

“Diaverum has given me the opportunity to grow my skills and mould my career to my strengths; moving from Clinic Manager, to Health & Safety and now to Project Management.”

Diaverum - Our Values

Our Values are competence, passion and inspiration.


We have a commitment to ensure the highest quality of care. We continuously improve through education and scientific research, which is the foundation of our treatment.

We constantly invest in new digital technologies, to support our staff, giving them more time to provide the person-centred care we are proud of. With an excellent nurse/patient ratio of 1:4, we make sure that patients and staff are able to operate in the best possible environment.


Our staff build up personal relationships with those they care for, offering life-enhancing renal care. They deliver care with a human warmth, making sure that individuals feel important and valued, despite their medical vulnerabilities. Having our staff members personable and caring in personality is an important part of their employment.

"I love how Diaverum value a healthy work-life balance and understand the value of down time. They like to nurture their staff and grow from within. They genuinely care about our patients and go the extra mile to improve their quality of life in many ways including patient care, social support, innovative facilities , increasing clinic numbers to offer more choice and holiday dialysis. I am proud to be part of such a caring organisation."
Amy Ashmore - Projects Manager


Empowering professionals to enjoy their job, develop their career and inspire those around them. We want patients to be inspired to move beyond their medical challenges. We want our staff to be inspired by their career with us.

Everyone deserves a fulfilling life, and with Diaverum - we hope to inspire our teams of staff and patients through warmth and true care.

With a 1:4 nurse/patient ratio, we always aim for the best possible wellbeing of service users and staff alike.

Diaverum nursing jobs, care jobs, clinical & healthcare jobs and careers information by Nurses.co.uk

Supporting our teams

Our cultural differences, our various job roles and our different work contexts means that diversity is central to who we are. Our values and behaviours are what defines our culture - Competence, Passion and Inspiration.

Working at Diaverum is unlike most other clinical settings. The clinics are closed on Sundays, therefore a good work/life balance can be maintained, with regular shifts and no burdensome work patterns.

We have a comprehensive training program led by our inhouse clinical leads, who along with the clinic manager will help you reach your full potential.

All staff are allocated a mentor from day 1, too. We can sponsor through relevant external courses All staff have an annual performance review were an open discussion is held about the past year and objectives set for the coming year.

Diaverum’s staff pay and salary levels

Diaverum’s nursing pay

Registered Nurses at Diaverum earn a starting salary of up yo £33,719 per year (based on dialysis experience). They do not have to work nights or Sunday shifts.

With 35 days holiday a year (increasing with service), life assurance, company pension, free uniform and refreshments, there is time and space to focus on the nursing career progression that Diaverum offers, including the chance to study further.

Clinical manager pay

Diaverum’s clinical managers earn up to £48,880 plus an objective based bonus. Clinical managers may work Monday - Friday or include clinical shifts on a Saturday, all with varying hours from 06:30-23:30. No nights or Sunday work is required. Clinical managers receive 35 days holiday, increasing with service, life assurance, discounted fitness membership, and company pension.

Healthcare assistant pay

Healthcare assistants at Diaverum can earn a starting salary of up to £23,532, depending on experience, as well as overtime paid at a time and a half. They also receive 35 days of holiday, free uniform, refreshments, life assurance, company pension, Christmas and New Year Holidays, a flu vaccine and a Christmas meal!

Dialysis assistant pay

Dialysis assistants join Diaverum on a competitive starting salary of up to £27,214, depending on experience. They enjoy the same benefits as their colleagues, with free uniforms, refreshments, flu vaccine and a Christmas meal, 35 days holiday, the opportunity for overtime, life assurance, company pension.

Other benefits of working at Diaverum

All contracted staff members are eligible for a company pension scheme and life assurance policies.

Staff members are able to benefit from a referral scheme from £500+ for successful referrals.

All of our team have access to “Peppy”, a digital health app that supports menopause, fertility, men’s and women’s health from health experts and “Wecare” which gives access to health and wellbeing services including 24/7 online doctors and mental health support.

Diaverum can support international nurses, who wish to register as a UK nurse.

Diaverum UK awards

● 2023 TITAN Awards “Female Executive of the Year” Platinum Winner - Kim Beak, Quality Compliance and Strategic Projects Director.

● The Diaverum Awards

Our global in-house Diaverum awards were launched in 2022, to celebrate our own staff network around the globe, with 430 nominations annually, over 23 countries.

With 5 specific award categories:

Inspiration For LIFE: A life saving action reward
True Care: A reward for celebrating ALL of our values

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Diaverum nursing jobs, care jobs, clinical & healthcare jobs and careers information by Nurses.co.uk
Diaverum nursing jobs, care jobs, clinical & healthcare jobs and careers information by Nurses.co.uk