Registered Midwife

London, Greater London, England
Concept Care Solutions £ 29.0 - 45.0 Per hour Part time Save This Job
£ 29.0 - 45.0 Per hour
Part time
3 Oct 2023
8 Dec 2023

Job Description

Key Responsibilities:

Prenatal Care:

Conduct initial assessments and routine check-ups for pregnant individuals to monitor the progress of pregnancy.

Perform physical examinations, including blood pressure measurements, weight checks, and fetal heartbeat monitoring.

Order and interpret laboratory tests and ultrasounds to assess maternal and fetal health.

Provide prenatal education on topics such as nutrition, exercise, childbirth preparation, and breastfeeding.

Labor and Delivery:

Attend childbirths and provide emotional support and pain management techniques to laboring individuals.

Monitor the progress of labor, fetal heart rate, and maternal well-being.

Assist with natural childbirth, administer medications if necessary, and collaborate with obstetricians during medical interventions.

Ensure a safe and hygienic birthing environment.

Postpartum Care:

Provide postpartum care to both the mother and newborn, including assessing their health and vital signs.

Assist with breastfeeding support and address any breastfeeding challenges.

Offer guidance on postpartum recovery, newborn care, and family planning options.

Screen for and address postpartum depression or other postpartum health concerns.

Emergency Response:

Recognize and respond to obstetrical emergencies and complications during pregnancy, labor, or postpartum periods.

Initiate emergency interventions and coordinate with other healthcare providers when necessary.

Patient Advocacy:

Advocate for the rights and choices of pregnant individuals while ensuring informed consent and culturally sensitive care.

Facilitate shared decision-making between the patient and the healthcare team.


Maintain accurate and confidential patient records, including prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum information.

Document assessments, interventions, and patient education.


Collaborate with other healthcare professionals, including obstetricians, pediatricians, and nurses, to provide comprehensive care.

Refer patients to specialists or other healthcare services as needed.

Skills and Qualities:

Clinical Competence: Proficiency in providing comprehensive maternal and newborn care, including prenatal assessments, childbirth assistance, and postpartum care.

Empathy and Communication: Strong interpersonal skills, including active listening and compassionate communication, to build trust and rapport with patients.

Cultural Competence: Sensitivity to cultural and diversity issues when providing care to a diverse patient population.

Adaptability: Ability to work in a dynamic and unpredictable environment, especially during labor and delivery.

Problem-Solving: Skill in assessing complex clinical situations, recognizing potential complications, and making informed decisions.

Ethical and Legal Compliance: Adherence to ethical standards and legal regulations governing midwifery practice, including patient confidentiality.

Continuous Learning: Commitment to ongoing professional development, staying current with best practices, and maintaining licensure and certifications.

Ref: Midwife - London

Job Details

Registered Midwife

London, Greater London, Englandd Concept Care Solutions
£ 29.0 - 45.0 Per hour
Job level
Part time
3 Oct 2023
8 Dec 2023

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