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Why Sussex Nurses get in touch with us

Why Sussex Nurses get in touch with us Lauren, Anneka and Meg will get your agency career started!

Located in the Heart of Eastbourne, close to the train station, Hamilton Cross Sussex takes care of nurses and employers in the entire Sussex coastal and inland area. For Nurses already working as an agency Nurse, they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the flexible and friendly approach of the team, coupled with good and regular salaries. For those new to agency nursing, you may have some questions.
New Nurses often like to know:

  • Will I get work close to home?
  • How do I go about becoming self employed?
  • Do I need any extra Training to be an agency nurse?
  • Can I get agency nursing shifts to suit my family life?
  • What kind of Homes and settings does an agency nurse work in?

Get in touch using the form on this page and we can answer all your questions, usually on the first call.

Lauren, Anneka and Meg are part of a great supported organisation and they will allocate you shifts to suit your family life and other commitments. This small, helpful team will do their best to set you up with as many or as few shifts as you need, plus let you know everything you need to know about DBC checks, compliance and Training."

Get in touch with Hamilton Cross Sussex, today

If you're a nurse and you're considering agency work or just wondering what it's like, why not get in touch today. Our friendly team are happy to share information and advice with no obligations from you.

East Sussex Office
Greencoat House
32 St Leonard's Road
East Sussex
BN21 3UT