Hamilton Cross

Hamilton Cross

Key Info

  • Manchester (Head Office)
  • Over 10 regional UK offices
  • 49 Staff
  • 300 Active Nurses
  • Nursing | Temp Staffing
  • hamiltoncross.co.uk
  • May 2014


Benefits of working for Hamilton Cross

  • Weekly Payments
  • £20-45 per hour
  • Flexible Shifts
  • Country-wide placements
  • Open Door Policy
  • Driving licence not essential
  • 24 Team Hotline
  • Good reputation
Are you wondering what agency nursing is like?

Are you wondering what agency nursing is like?

When it comes to agency work most nurses tend to understand the benefits: flexible time, better hourly pay, choosing their hours.

But the things that prevent many nurses from moving their career into agency work are un-answered questions. For example:

  • Will my nursing skills be diminished?
  • Is this a backward step?
  • Will I be appreciated?
  • How do I become a Limited company?

Steven Madden and his teams around the UK understand these concerns and are on hand and ready to steer you through them, offering advice and experience.

Talk to your local branch today if you'd like to find out more about agency nursing. Find your local branch and, simply, get in touch.

Once you have all the answers then YOU can decide if this is the right step in YOUR nursing career.

Oh, and I've met Steve and his team – they're lovely (friendly, knowledgeable and they won't pressure you!).

Matt Farah, co-founder, Nurses.co.uk

"Will I need to be a self employed nurse? How does that work?"

You'll need to register as a Limited Company and have a business bank account, but don't worry – we can guide you through!

"Will I lose the skills I've built during my career as an NHS nurse?"

No, just the opposite! Care Homes come to Hamilton Cross looking for Nurses with certain skills, so you'll have plenty of chance to use them. You've also got the option to grow your skill set, as Hamilton Cross Nurses are often invited to Training Courses.

"Am I gonna get the hours, in the shifts and area I need?"

The first talk you'll have with Hamilton Cross is all about your personal circumstances and when you want to work. Staff will offer shifts to suit your schedule and are respectful and flexible if you need to change you working patterns later on!

What Valerie says about her job

"Agency nursing can be tough; often you're on your own, having to depend on your training and experience to make decisions. It is so great to know there are a group of people behind you who are ready to stand by and support you. I have the upmost faith and confidence in the Hamilton Cross team and couldn't imagine working for anyone else."

Valerie Dickenson

Elainne, Home Manager and why she choses Hamilton Cross Nurses

"I started to book through the agency and quickly realised that the nurses employed by Steve had much improved skills and knowledge and superior communication skills…..As a Registered Manager I know my home and the others I have worked at being an agency nurse that use Hamilton Cross have a very high opinion of their nurses which I personally most value."

Elaine Miller
Registered Manager & RGN
Padgate House
Intermediate Care

How to become an agency nurse

How to become an agency nurse

Getting set up with Hamilton Cross can take as little as 1-2 weeks from first call to first shift, although this depends on your current workload. You'll go through a DBS and reference check, plus undergo the Hamilton Cross Training Modules. The Training program is updated annually and Staff can check your progress and offer encouragement or guidance every step of the way.

  • 1. DBS Checks
  • 2. References
  • 3. Training Modules
  • 4. Select your first shift!
  • 5. You will need to be set up as a Ltd company (don't worry, we'll talk you through the simple steps)

About Hamilton Cross

About Hamilton Cross

Hamilton Cross is one of the UK's leading nursing staffing companies. Our sole aim is to deliver outstanding service to our candidates, staff and clients. We care about all three elements and we believe that is why the nurses who work for us stay with us year after year, You'll hear their voices on this page – hopefully saying nice things about us!

What Finola says about her job

"I took early retirement from a long career with the NHS and was seeking nursing work on a casual basis. I found that Hamilton Cross was the perfect way for me to work as and when I was available, with a choice of where I could work. The staff who organise the rotas in the office are always accessible and very friendly when contacted. They will always do their best to find you work that suits your needs, whether that be night or day shifts"

Finola Anderton
RGN, Manchester

Career Development

Career Development

We're really pleased to offer any nurse from any branch support. You can make an appointment to have a chat about being an agency worker with any of our UK branches. Call, pop in, have a cuppa and a chat about your career development plans at any time.

The training we offer is annually renewed. We'll give you the latest documentation and we'll invite you for specific training along the way too.

Our team will work around your own personal circumstances and goals. For instance, you can earn while you're studying – meaning you complete your studies to push your career without falling off budget in your life!

Mike, Home Manager – Why he loves working with Hamilton Cross

"I am the Manager of a small independent nursing / care home who has used Hamilton Cross on a regular basis for both Registered nurses and care assistants. I find the staff provided to ourselves as caring, well training, dignified and respectful to residents and staff….I have found the standards and experiences of especially the RGNs that good I have recruited two nurses and a senior manager from Hamilton Cross in recent times."

Mike Jones
Ashbourne Nursing Home, Rochdale

Company Culture

Company Culture

Once working for Hamilton Cross, branches offer an open door policy for all Nurses to stop by, as well as a 24 hour Support Line answered by the agency staff themselves.

All Hamilton Cross Teams share an upbeat “big family” style working attitude, giving a great welcome for any new Nurse looking for a Professional but Personal start to Agency Nursing.