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  • 14 July 2010
  • 4 min read

UK Recruit - Tim Ward on why he started his business

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Tim Ward launched UK Recruit 5 years ago. Since then he's diversified into nursing and healthcare jobs and hasn't looked back. We spoke to Tim about his background and the future.

You started UK Recruit 5 years ago in 2005. What made you decide to leave the recruitment job you had and strike out on your own?

I just felt that I could do it better than the companies I had previously worked for. I wanted to leave all the red tape alone and purely concentrate on “placing people first”.

Also I wanted to create a brand and have something that I was proud of. I now make a point of visiting as many clients and candidates and suppliers to know what they are looking for out of a partnership. At that time you were focussed on the technical and construction industry.

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How and why did you turn to healthcare jobs and nursing recruitment?

We wanted to be a one-stop shop for Clients and we started working with clients who were building care homes and hospitals and thought it would be great to offer the full circle recruitment consultancy.

We can find people to design, construct, manage a project and then staff it with healthcare professionals.

Can you describe any similarities and differences between working in the two industries - nursing and technical?

The two industries are very similar and until recently were both candidate-led market places. They are very similar in terms of once you have done your apprenticeship and move on and upwards you can always come back to the basics and pick up the tools again and do hands-on jobs.

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Among other areas you specialise in prison nurse jobs. What are the key issues and requirements facing a recruiter of prison nurses?

The checks and time it takes to get clearance to start a position. Everyone is aware of CRBs but when introducing a nurse to a prison environment there are so many things you need to think about above CRBs.

How would you like to grow UK Healthcare Professionals over the coming years?

We would really like to open up in Scotland and maybe abroad as well.We know that you’re keen on harnessing social media in your nursing recruitment endeavours.

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What are the advantages of social media to all of us in the nursing industry?

Social media is only going to get bigger and better and it’s a great way of referring friends and family to great products & services at the click of a button. I think we are moving into a generation that is used to quick results and not so good at waiting for things to happen.

As has been noted a few times elsewhere... Recruitment can be a frustrating business. What 5 things would you like to change (in the industry or the attitude of candidates) which would make it easier and more successful for everyone?

Correct codes of conduct

Industry standards

More Partnerships

Clients understanding what we do more

Candidates also understanding more about us

You may have read even more CVs than us here at So, in your view, can you bullet-point some tips for any nursing staff who are about to type up their nursing CV before applying for jobs?

Please keep it to two pages! Put down relevant information about what you have done and are looking for. Keep it simple...

Thanks very much to Tim. Tim offers plenty of nursing roles, especially Prison Nurse jobs.

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