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  • 07 August 2018
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The public say - Thank You Nurses

We invited the public to say Thank You to UK nurses. 1000s of people responded. We thought you might like to read their messages of support for the work you're doing on the Coronavirus front line.

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1000s of jobs for Nurses & Care Professionals. No.1 for UK nursing, care & healthcare jobs.

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85% of Nurses don’t think the New Pay Deal will solve the staffing crisis

Our recent survey found that a massive 85% of Nurses don't think the New Pay Deal will solve the staffing crisis - find out what it's all about in this blog.

Bursary is the key to solving the staffing crisis, according to our survey

In a recent survey we conducted, a huge 88% of our respondents wanted the bursary to be re-introduced. Will the government listen to the voices of nurses and bring it back?

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95% of Nurses say patient health is at risk (and it's due to NHS staff shortages) surveyed over 550 Nurses about the staffing emergency in the NHS. Alarmingly, almost all respondents believe patient health is at risk as a result of the profound NHS workforce crisis. Read about this and other revelations from our survey.

How important is immigration for NHS nursing?

Following the vote to leave the EU in June 2016, we looked at the numbers to find out how much the NHS relies on Nurses from other nations.

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