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  • 11 July 2022
  • 5 min read

Staff Support Workshop

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    • Laura Bosworth
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The Staff Support Workshop is an enjoyable, 1-day, live, career development workshop for Nurses and HCAs.

It is an excellent alternative to our Clinical Career Coaching if budgets need you to economise, or if you want to sample our services first.

We cover key coaching strategies, dive into (and back-up) your organisation’s employee promises, help your employees gain a sense of agency over their own careers - and remind them they are valued and loved.

The workshop is delivered via Teams.

We talk about autonomy, belonging, respect, being heard, wellbeing and more.

Crucially, we discuss the skills needed by clinical staff to overcome the known challenges and reasons for leaving nursing:

• Life-changing personal strategies & coping mechanisms

• The biggest career challenges and how THEY can overcome them

• How to turn employee support promises from rhetoric into personal values

• Sense of agency

• Leadership and Self-Leadership

• Self-Care & Wellbeing

• Resilience

• Self-Esteem

• Growth Mindset

• (re-learn) Why you became a nurse

Get in touch with us today to find out more.

Because this workshop is created by and delivered by a Registered Nurse (and Qualified Coach) we are able to discuss the real challenges UK Nurses and HCAs face - we have a trusted perspective.

Part of our workshop will be tailored to your organisation's own employee aims. We will discuss these with you beforehand.

Infographic showing what the Staff Support Workshop doesInfographic shows how our Staff Support Workshop will help your staff, and help you retain them

Who Would Buy This?

Senior retention leads and managers of people services at the NHS and private healthcare providers purchase this service. If this is you, and you would like to find out more about how we can help you retain your nursing / clinical team by supporting them, click the button to make an enquiry.

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CPD Certified

The Workshop is created out of our CPD Certified Coaching Programme (Membership number is 15234, Certificate number A032650), so any hours spent can be transferred across as CPD points / revalidation.

About the author

I believe people working in healthcare should be able to choose to enjoy work. That is, choose an employer who reflects their values and provides them with a sustainable career. This leads to better patient care, higher retention rates and happier working lives in this most important employment sector.

    • Laura Bosworth
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