• 08 August 2018
  • 2 min read

Lottie Pearson - Student Nurse

  • Lottie Pearson
    Student Nurse

Lottie joined us when she was studying as a student nurse. Her vlogs cover her life and insights as a student.

Misconceptions I had before nursing

In this blog and vlog, Lottie tells us what her misconceptions were before starting her nursing degree. She shares what she wishes she knew before to help you future nursing students!

How I survive my 12 hour shifts

Lottie is currently studying adult nursing. In this video she shares her tips for surviving 12 hour shifts!

Nursing school 'must haves'

Lottie is one of our creators, currently studying as a student nurse. In this blog she shares her 'must have' essentials for nursing school!

How to get into nursing school

There's more than just one way to get into nursing school, so anyone can do it! To find out which way is appropriate for you then just keep reading!

6 unexpected things you didn't know about nursing

In this video, nursing student Lottie shares some unexpected facts you didn't know about nursing!

Student nursing Q&A with Lottie

Lottie answers questions that you may have about student nursing - whether you're thinking about applying to university or if you're a student nurse already, this blog is just for you!

Exam and assignment tips from a student nurse

Student nurse, Lottie, gives advice on how to prepare for exams and assignments when studying nursing at university.

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  • Lottie Pearson
    Student Nurse

About the author

  • Lottie Pearson
    Student Nurse

I'm currently studying as a student nurse. In between studying I create vlogs on YouTube on both my own channel and Nurses.co.uk.

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