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  • 25 March 2022
  • 2 min read

Liam Palmer: Tim Dallinger Part Two

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I think this is the future and we need to adapt.“I think this is the future and we need to adapt.”

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In this episode, Liam talks to Tim about how he successfully transitioned his training and consultancy business by utilising digital.

Podcast Highlights:

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1:41: The Business Pre-COVID

I'd be driving around the country, away from home three or four nights a week, mostly living in hotels.

5:00: Beginning The Transition

I had a lot of time on my hands because diary was completely empty and i had no work at all.

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10:07: Pushing The Boundaries Of Digital

Some of my clients, mostly care providers, took a little bit of convincing... And some are still to be convinced.

15:20: Dealing With Fear Of The Unknown

Now, once people have attend a few courses, they love it. Because, the time commitment is much less, they can log on just before and there's no travel time.

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18:36: The Next Level

There are local authority figures that are so forward thinking that they say

22:00: The Benefits Of Digital

It's taken social care training to a wider  audience. It's made it more accessible for learners.

27:48: Final Thoughts

For a lot of the stuff I do; why do i need to be there?

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About the author

Liam Palmer is the author of 3 books on raising quality standards in care homes through developing leadership skills. In Oct 2020, he published a guide to the Home Manager role called "So You Want To Be A Care Home Manager?". Liam has been fortunate to work as a Senior Manager across many healthcare brands including a private hospital, a retirement village and medium to large Care Homes in the private sector and 3rd sector. He hosts a podcast "Care Quality - meet the leaders and innovators”.

    • Richard Gill
    • Aubrey Hollebon
    • Mat Martin
    • Anya Smithe
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