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Liam Palmer - Care Home Manager and author on care leadership

  • Liam Palmer
    Registered Home Manager
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Liam is a registered Home Manager and author of two books on raising quality standards in care homes. In his podcast series and articles Liam interviews home managers, thought leaders and consultants in social care and care home management. Liam thinks deeply and cares passionately about care home management and his work is fascinating and enjoyable with 100s of great leadership insights for home managers.

Why it's important to always consider using agency staff in care home management

Beware the “no agency rule”. Liam, gives a brief case study why not utilising agency staff can be detrimental to running your care home.

5 tips on how to improve your Care Home

Care Home Manager, Liam Palmer, highlights how the fundamental principles of hospitality can dramatically improve your care home with 5 top tips.

Care Homes vs Covid – Fighting an invisible enemy

Liam assesses the risks to frontline healthcare workers and asks can we limit outbreaks in our care homes?

What is Covid-19 and how should we respond to Coronavirus as healthcare professionals?

In this conversation, infection control expert, Josie Winter, cuts through the hysteria to explain what a Coronavirus is and how we can respond to Covid-19 as healthcare professionals.

Care home managers – how to manage the threat of Coronavirus

"We've got this". Liam explains how care home managers can balance the needs of our care homes and staff as we face the threat of Coronavirus.

How we can use technology and digital care-planning in care homes and hospitals

Change the dynamic of medicalising old age. How we can digitise for better elderly care. In his latest podcast - Episode 10 - Liam talks with Richard Mcintyre about technology in care going beyond simply putting paper on a screen. Richard is an experienced quality management professional in care and a consultant.

Episode 9 with Dr John Rudd retired Doctor, RGN, RMN and Lawyer

Having served in the NHS as a nurse and a lawyer Dr Rudd has clear views on tackling the waste and bureaucracy in the NHS.

Episode 8 with Tim Dallinger Registered Manager and Trainer

We learn how Tim went from providing support to starting a residential home before becoming a trainer and care consultant for local authorities.

World Patient Safety Day Podcast Special with Dr Umesh Prabhu

To recognise World Patient Safety Day on Sept 17 2019 Liam spoke with Dr Umesh Prabhu, a consultant and advocate of patient safety on how healthcare workers can take simple steps to avoid patient injury, harm and death through unsafe care.

Episode 7 with Angela Fletcher, Chief Executive of Happy Futures

Liam speaks with Angela Fletcher about her career journey from Support Worker to Learning Disability Nurse to Operations Director and then founding her own care services centre in Scarborough. Full of energy, Angela speaks to Liam about how she achieved CQC Outstanding. They explore her ideas, innovations and the passion she has for the people in her care and the high regard she has for her staff. If you’re a manager in care, or aspire to run your own care home, read on for an hour’s worth of tips and information!

Episode 6 with, Medical Director Dr. Umesh Prabhu

Liam speaks with Medical Director, Dr Umesh Prabhu, about the tragedies he’s dealt with in patient safety and the importance of staff happiness, and how he’s transformed organisations along the way.

Episode 5 with Isaac Theopholis, author of 'How to get Outstanding’

Liam speaks with Care Home Manager, Isaac Theopholis, about his incredible and inspirational journey to authoring a must-read book for Home Managers on how to get outstanding for your care home.

Episode 4 with author and recruitment specialist, Neil Eastwood

In episode 4 of the Care Home Quality Podcast, Liam speaks with Neil Eastwood, the author of the book Saving Social Care. Highly regarded in the social care industry, Neil speaks regularly about recruitment and retainment within care.

Episode 3 with Dr. Keren Wilson, the pioneer of Retirement Villages

Liam discovered Keren through a book he was reading by Atul Gawande called ‘Being Mortal’, who talked about how Keren’s work challenged the nursing home dominance in the USA, by providing a less restrictive lifestyle and honouring the person in patient-centred care. Her work is about creating autonomy and respecting the quality of life in older people.

Episode 2 with Samuel Barrington, CEO of Care Improvement Associates

From specialising as a learning disability nurse to running his own care consultancy, Samuel shares how he got to where he is now and his thoughts and perceptions on what it means to work in care.

Episode 1 with Jeremy Walford CEO of Middleton Hall

In this first episode Liam speaks to Jeremy Walford, CEO of Middleton Hall Retirement Village. It's a large site encompassing a retirement village and nursing home care. Jeremy has achieved an overall CQC rating of Outstanding for his organisation.

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Three staff rota tips for care home managers

Here are three simple-to-remember staff rota tips for the care home manager.

How we should manage privacy protection in our care homes

Sometimes the desire to do be friendly with our care home community and their relatives could breach privacy rules. Here's what to be aware of.

How to successfully manage night staff in care homes

Managing the night staff in your care home is essential to the safe operation of the service, and assists a positive CQC inspection. Here's our guide on night shift staffing for home managers.

How Care Home Managers can hire with success and why getting recruitment right is so important

For Care Home Managers it's vital that recruitment is done successfully and correctly. Here are the simple steps and tips to hire well by an experienced Care Home Manager.

Managing finance to run a viable Care Home

When Care Home Managers look at finance we need to consider 4 items: budget, income, expenditure and profitability. In this article, Liam explains how to understand these to run a viable Care Home.

Four essential Care Home Manager tips to help with assessments, care plans and managing incidents

Liam Palmer offers essential tips for Care Home Managers around assessments, care plans, care reviews and dealing with incidents and accidents.

How Care Home Managers can build occupancy whilst balancing care quality and workload for their team

Care homes have high fixed staffing costs. When occupancy dips the profitability can be impacted very fast. This means there is a pressure to rebuild occupancy to improve the financial viability of the home whilst maintaining good care quality. Read on to find out how to approach this and do it well.

The Care Home Manager’s clinical support guide

In this handy support guide for Care Home Managers Liam asked a Qualified Nurse to detail the key clinical information every Home Manager will need to know to run their home successfully.

A Registered Care Home Manager’s guide to health and safety in residential care

This guide is packed with vital information about health and safety in residential care, and contains a checklist to help Registered Care Home Managers audit their own service.

What does a Care Home Manager need to know about CQC inspections?

In this article Liam leads the reader through the various topics and issues surrounding CQC Ratings, Safeguarding in Care Homes and the general, good practice expectations required of Care Home Managers.

Should I work for an employer or through an agency as a Home Manager?

What is the best route to go down - working for an employer or through an agency? In this blog, Liam explains which may be more beneficial for you.

Should I look for jobs managing small care homes or large ones?

In this blog, Liam defines the difference between working in small and large homes so you can see what one will be best for you to work in.

How can I research whether a care home is well run and good to work for?

When applying for jobs, you want to ensure that the home you're applying for is a good place to work for. But how do you do this?

Which kind of institution should I work for as a Home Manager?

There are a number of variables to reflect upon, which may help you to make up your own mind. Ultimately, it's which set up works best for you!

Peripatetic/ Operations/ Regional Managers and Operations Director - what's the difference?

Managerial roles on top of managerial roles - but what do they all mean? Liam gives us the lo-down in this blog post.

What is the difference between a residential home and a nursing home?

Both provide care for people needing support, but what are the variations between the two? Keep on reading to find out.

Do Nurses make the best Home Managers?

They're both able to efficiently manage homes, but who does it best - nurses or non-nurses?

What are the differences between a Home Manager, a General Manager and Registered Manager?

These different managerial titles are often used interchangeably, however, there is a difference between them all and important to bear in mind during your job search.

How my career as a Care Home Manager has evolved

Registered manager and author, Liam, shares with us his experience as a care home manager. This blog is split into 2, starting with a year into his care home manager job and then three years in.

An insider's perspective of care homes - why you shouldn't believe everything you see in the media

There is often negative press surrounding care homes. However, we shouldn't generalise the experience of individuals, and we shouldn't believe everything we read. Registered manager and author, Liam, debunks some common myths surrounding care homes in this blog.

About the author

  • Liam Palmer
    Registered Home Manager

Liam Palmer is the author of 3 books on raising quality standards in care homes through developing leadership skills. In Oct 2020, he published a guide to the Home Manager role called "So You Want To Be A Care Home Manager?". Liam has been fortunate to work as a Senior Manager across many healthcare brands including a private hospital, a retirement village and medium to large Care Homes in the private sector and 3rd sector. He hosts a podcast "Care Quality - meet the leaders and innovators”.

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  • Liam Palmer
    Registered Home Manager

About the author

  • Liam Palmer
    Registered Home Manager

Liam Palmer is the author of 3 books on raising quality standards in care homes through developing leadership skills. In Oct 2020, he published a guide to the Home Manager role called "So You Want To Be A Care Home Manager?". Liam has been fortunate to work as a Senior Manager across many healthcare brands including a private hospital, a retirement village and medium to large Care Homes in the private sector and 3rd sector. He hosts a podcast "Care Quality - meet the leaders and innovators”.

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