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  • 30 April 2010
  • 5 min read

How to use the web to find a nurse job

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Using the web to search for your next nursing job is easy. But just because it's easy doesn't mean you'll be successful. Read on to discover how to make your job searching a fruitful exercise.

Finding nurse jobs

This site,, is a great start to find your next nursing job! Browse jobs, upload your CV and then apply to jobs that match your skills. Easy.

The advanced nursing search engine on our site will help you find jobs by any criteria. Alternatively, you can search by company or have job alert emails sent to you (once you register this happens straight away).

When searching for jobs think of the keywords that sum up the job you want. For instance, 'RMN care home jobs Manchester' or 'Scrub nurse jobs london', 'oncology nursing jobs sussex'. You'll then be presented with jobs that closely match your search.

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Choosing the right nurse job for you

Be honest and browse jobs sensibly. If you're not a qualified nurse, don't apply for jobs that require qualified nurse status. If you don't have experience as a Care Home Manager, don't apply for jobs that need this.

This isn't a warning, we're just trying to save you time. (We're also keen to save recruiters' time too - they simply can't consider applications that come in beneath their minimum requirements.)

Match your skills to the job you want. Make your application clearly match the job you are applying to. Bring those skills that you've learned to the fore. So if the job wants lots of critical care skills, make sure your application clearly says how much critical care experience you have.

Sell yourself. Be clear and confident about your key skills, duties and responsibilities. If you don't sell yourself, no one else will.

Carefully select the jobs you want to apply to. Don't 'spam' apply. Don't apply for an RGN job if you don't have a nursing qualification - you'll only waste your time and the recruiter's time.

Optimise Your Nursing CV - keywords, people, keywords!

CV search is an excellent tool used by nursing recruiters to find good nursing candidates like you. They'll search for you using keywords. If their keywords appear in your CV they'll see you.

So think carefully about the words that accurately describe your skills. And, of course, watch the grammatical accuracy and spelling of your CV. Recruiters will also search for you using the criteria you enter into a jobs board - where you live, where you want to work, nursing sector, whether you're a qualified nurse etc.

So when you register make sure you do so accurately and honestly and in full (if you have an NMC PIN number, enter it).

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Keep your jobs board account updated

You should keep your CV and personal profile on a jobs board up to date. We actually would recommend you keep it live AND updated even if you're not currently looking for work.

Why do we recommend you keep your profile live and update your CV at all times?

Well, firstly, it's a great place to store your CV safely and most job boards allow you to hide your CV from recruiters if you really don't want to be found.

Secondly, keeping your CV up to date frequently is the quickest way to make sure it remains current.

Finally, by receiving nursing job alert emails you'll always be aware of trends in the nursing jobs market... You might just hear of a great opportunity you never knew you wanted to apply for!

And there's no better time to apply for brilliant jobs than when you're safely and happily employed elsewhere. It takes the stress out of the application process and puts you in a strong position to negotiate!

Make yourself available and put yourself about

If you apply for a job make sure it's easy for a nursing recruiter to get in touch with you. This is a very simple thing to get right - just put your contact details in your CV! Our CV Building Guide will help with this.

If you're contacted, return the call or email. It looks terrible if you don't and we think it reflects poorly on you and the reputation about yourself that you wish to convey to the nursing community if you ignore a recruiter's call, especially if you applied to their job!

Job Alert Emails are a great way of finding out what jobs are out there. Usually a job alert will be able to match your key criteria. So you'll only be sent relevant jobs.

If applying for jobs or your CV is searchable - keep up to date on your phone messages, and check emails frequently! We'd recommend checking your email account every day to do this.

If a recruiter wants to speak about a position they'll have a very limited amount of time to do this - so don't miss the opportunity!

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Patience and Perseverance

Stick with it! Applying for jobs is a job in itself and often soul destroying.

But if you write a good CV and follow our tips you'll soon have interview invitations flooding in.

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I believe people working in healthcare should be able to choose to enjoy work. That is, choose an employer who reflects their values and provides them with a sustainable career. This leads to better patient care, higher retention rates and happier working lives in this most important employment sector.

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