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  • 12 April 2024
  • 10 min read

Hiring? Attract & Recruit Clinical and Healthcare Candidates

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    • Saeeda Chauhdry
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This page was updated on 12th April 2024 to reflect the latest data offers recruitment marketing services to connect healthcare employees, qualified nurses, clinicians and care staff with UK healthcare employers.

Recruiters (agency and in-house) advertise jobs for healthcare and care staff, and use our CV search to headhunt.

Healthcare acquisition teams publish their employee vision, and information about each of their facilities on We also help them create these pages. If they are hiring, their jobs appear on their pages too.

For instance: Kent and Medway NHS & Social Care Partnership Trust.

Talk with us

Find out how we can help you attract and hire healthcare employees, nurses, clinical staff and care professionals from the UK.

Email us (

Phone us: 01364 642600

If you just want to post 1, 2 or 3 jobs (without any of our other services), you can do that. Post up to 3 jobs with no logo by clicking here.

Find healthcare jobs

1000s of jobs for nurses, AHPs, clinicians, care assistants, managers and more. Jobs in care homes, hospitals, and the community

Find jobs

1.7 million passive and active candidates

Our employer marketing and job board services connect our audience of passive and active clinicians and care candidates with talent acquisition teams in the NHS, private hospitals, care homes and other healthcare providers, as well as the many recruitment specialists working within these sectors.

Healthcare employers and recruitment businesses use our job board, CV search, employer directory and blogs to post jobs, find candidates and also communicate and set out their employee value proposition and employer brand.

They use because we stack up very well against all the major organisations in our space:

Pie chart showing our share of job audienceHow we compare to other job sites

Our audience of 1.7 million users per year includes nurses, clinicians, AHPs, care professionals, support staff and home managers (we don't just cover jobs for registered nurses - find out which types of roles and jobs we cover here).

What are we?

We are a recruitment marketing service:

• Employer branding

• Job board

• CV search

We offer an audience unavailable elsewhere. We are an innovative addition or alternative to conventional nursing recruitment agencies and nurse recruiters and generalist job boards like Indeed and Reed.

NHS testimonial for've worked with a wide range of partners, helping to support their workforce aims

We believe that all three of the workforce cycles of attraction, acquisition and retention should work as one. This ensures a joined-up recruitment solution because it delivers a sustainable workforce.

Our customers are employers of nurses, HCAs, HCSWs, midwives, home managers and other clinicians and care staff, and recruiters of these personnel.

This includes the NHS, care homes, private healthcare groups and recruitment agencies.

BUPA testimonial for understand the needs and challenges facing people services in healthcare through our consultancy and retention work with major UK providers

Get Hired

Upload or create your CV on Our CV building tool is designed specifically for UK healthcare. Use it to apply for jobs and get hired.

Get Hired

Candidate awareness & attraction gives employers a unique opportunity to explain why a nurse, care professional, HCA, Home Manager or other AHPs and clinicians should choose to work for them.

Even when you are not actively recruiting you should still be marketing your employer brand.

Here’s why:

Raise awareness - don’t assume that people know about you. Start telling them about you now. They may not be active candidates now, but they will in the future. And when they are actively looking for a job, you will have done the long-term, proactive, hard work of recruitment, winning their application

Attract people by telling them WHY they should choose you. Give them a reason to bring their career to you

Job ads & CV search is one of the few recruitment services that constantly innovate to better support our service users. Our proprietary technology (coming soon), ‘Get Hired’, will connect you with active candidates who perfectly match your job criteria.

We also manually screen all UK and Irish CVs to ensure CV search quality and relevance.

• Job posting filters ensure relevance

• Our best CVs are manually vetted

• Search is tailored to the industry to help connect you with accurately matched candidates

• Our proprietary Get Hired feature will increase the amount of exposure for your jobs among highly active candidates

Subscribe and get even more - for free

Access peer-to-peer career insights, our self-help coaching guide, plus expert videos on wellbeing, self-care and mental health.


Our passive job candidates

We're similar to Indeed in that we advertise jobs to active job seekers.

We're also a publisher. We provide careers information for healthcare employees.

We’ve grown and welcome 1.7 million people each year who come to read articles and watch videos.

The audience themselves create and share career advice. This is an engaged audience of active and many passive job candidates.

The concept behind our employer directory is that we want to allow employers to join in the conversation so that they can reach this passive and active audience and explain what makes them a quality employer.

Active jobseekers make up just 30% of the workforce. To reach the 70% majority of the jobseeking audience employers need to be proactive and engage with them.

Graphic showing 70% of the workforce is made up of passive talent who aren't actively job searchingGraphic by Linkedin showing 70% of the workforce is made up of passive talent who aren't actively job searching

This is where excels. We have a ready audience wanting to find out more about prospective employers. Tell them about your attractive benefits, your work-life balance strategies, your career progression offering and your inclusion initiatives.

People work for employers, not jobs. So tell them how you will value and support them here on

We are experts in talent acquisition content marketing. We will help and guide your team to create great employer content - pages that will engage with our active and our passive job candidate audience.

Email us ( - phone us: 01364 642600

DATA & METRICS general data

• Founded in 2008

• 1.7 million people visited in the 12 months Feb 2023 - Feb 2024

• 198,000 users in the month to 21st Feb 2024

• 16,000 applications made in March 2024

• 22,322 engaged email subscribers for UK clinical, nursing and care home (engaged means they’ve actively engaged in one of our emails in the last 4 months)

• 9,910 YouTube subscribers

• 42,496 NMC Registered Nurses have used us to find their next job

• 350,000 clinical and care staff have used to get hired

• 1,000+ UK organisations in the public & private sector have hired through us

• 1,600 articles and videos

• 150+ nurses, clinicians and care staff have published articles and video

• 100s of clinical and care staff have been coached by us

We run 3 other sites in health and social care. In the month to February 21st they welcomed this many users:

• > 7,200

• > 7,000

• > 20,000

Application data

16,000 applications in March 2024.

Data showing applications and new registrations and other metrics, per weekData showing applications and new registrations and other metrics, per week
Data showing applications and new registrations, per dayData showing applications and new registrations, per day

“How many applications will I get?”

In 30 days a client had this many job views on these jobs:

Staff nurse = 14

Healthcare assistant = 24

Support worker = 12

AHP = 13

Senior role (prescriber) = 5

And this many applications:

Staff nurse band 5 = 2

Healthcare assistant = 4

Support worker = 2

AHP = 2

Senior role (prescriber) = 1

However, note - there’s no such thing as a typical client

There’s actually no such thing as “typical”.

Job views and applications VERY MUCH DEPEND on factors that you control and can have influence over:

• how well your brand is known and revered

• how successful your recruiters are at making your job details clear and compelling (job data such as pay and location are VITAL as is your WHY candidates should choose you

• competition for skills and active candidates for this type of role (for instance, a psychologist falls into the “national shortage” band)

• these figures were taken from a very well known employer looking for specialist candidates in mental health

This is why we evolved our service for employers. We were often asked, “what are you doing about it?”

So, we did something about it! We built a unique platform where you can tell candidates why they should apply to you through employer messaging.

Our role as an advertiser is to bring an audience to your jobs. Let us help you raise your visibility and image. Let us help YOU do something about it!

CV search data

747 new CVs based in UK or Ireland who selected to be visible to searching recruiters were uploaded during March 2024.

In general, once we (through our manual, daily checking) remove overseas and irrelevant candidates, we're looking at approximately 10 - 20 high-value new CV registrations each day. That is, CVs that are relevant to healthcare / care recruiters, highly active and based in the UK or Ireland.

Here's the candidate registration data for our CV Search (for UK candidates only) as of January 8th 2024:

Nurses = 34,973

2,730 of these have been active since January 2022 and are currently visible in our CV search. 8,294 RMNs have registered with us.

Carers & care assistants = 60,812

3,415 of these have been active since January 2022 and are currently visible in our CV search.

Home managers & care managers= 21,681

690 of these have been active since January 2022 and are currently visible in our CV search.

Social workers & support workers = 32,297

2,606 of these have been active since January 2022 and are currently visible in our CV search.

Healthcare assistants = 15,646

1,376 of these have been active since January 2022 and are currently visible in our CV search.

Allied health professionals = 35,719

3,172 of these have been active since January 2022 and are currently visible in our CV search.

Traffic acquisition

We publish high quality information for the health and care workforce - information that helps them in their career.

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and have grown our audience steadily in that time.

Most of our content has been created by our community of nurses, care professionals and clinicians. This means we are trusted as a unique and authentic source of healthcare career development tips, information and advice.

We do not pay for traffic. This is why our audience is unavailable elsewhere.

Google Analytics GA4 shows that we do not pay for our traffic.

This is important for you to know: we will not be competing against your PPC or SEM marketing strategy on Google, or social media, or job aggregators (Adzuna, Zip, JobRapido etc).

Graphic from Google Analytics GA4 Traffic Acquisition metrics for Feb 21st 2023 - Feb 20th 2024From Google Analytics GA4 Traffic Acquisition metrics for Feb 21st 2023 - Feb 20th 2024

Google rankings

Some active users arrive directly on our job landing pages, straight from Google. This is because we rank well for many of the highest value search terms for active nursing and healthcare candidates:

Nurses jobs = 1

Jobs in nursing = 1

Mental health RMN = 2

RMN nursing jobs = 3

Adult nurse jobs = 3

Neuro nurse jobs = 2

Registered nurse jobs = 2

Nursing home nurse jobs = 4

Band 6 nurse jobs = 3

Nurse jobs in Kent = 3

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About the author

I believe people working in healthcare should be able to choose to enjoy work. That is, choose an employer who reflects their values and provides them with a sustainable career. This leads to better patient care, higher retention rates and happier working lives in this most important employment sector.

    • Saeeda Chauhdry
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  • 3108

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