• 08 August 2018
  • 2 min read

Eniola Akinsanya - Mental Health Nurse

  • Eniola Akinsanya
    Student Nurse - Mental Health

Eniola created videos for us while covering her studies as a mental health nurse.

How to survive your placement

Eniola shares her experiences from being on placement during her studies. She's just finished her last placement and has a wealth of experience to share and give advice from!

A day in the life of a student mental health nurse

Eniola takes us on a tour of a typical day in her life as a student mental health nurse.

Applying to university for a student nursing degree course

Eniola recalls her two interview experiences: applying to university and applying for a healthcare assistant job.

A nursing degree is not easy but it is rewarding

"Working with elderly patients and that really changed my mind..." Nurses.co.uk vlogger and student nurse, Eniola, explains in this video what attracted her to a career as a nurse and what it's like studying for a nursing degree.

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  • Eniola Akinsanya
    Student Nurse - Mental Health

About the author

  • Eniola Akinsanya
    Student Nurse - Mental Health

I'm studying to become a mental health nurse.

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