• 11 October 2019
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Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry release video to highlight World Mental Health Day

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The Duke of Sussex and singer Ed Sheeran have teamed up for World Mental Health Day, urging people “to look out for anybody that might be suffering in silence”.

Play video: Pair use comedy in this video to highlight World Mental Health Day

The pair's video release begins with a spoof misunderstanding between the two red-heads, with Sheeran declaring he is there to write a song to raise awareness “for people like us”.

Sheeran remarks: “With the jokes and the snide comments. “I just feel like it’s time we stood up and said ‘We’re not going to take this any more. We are ginger – and we’re gonna fight’.”

When Harry says there has been a miscommunication and their collaboration is about World Mental Health Day, Sheeran is seen deleting the words “Gingers Unite” in large, bold capitals from a presentation on his laptop.

His laptop document also features the text: “HRH Prince Harry and the king of ging Ed Sheeran get together to change the perception of people with Moroccan sunset hair.”

At the end, Harry, sitting next to Sheeran on a sofa, says: “Guys, this World Mental Health Day, reach out, make sure that your friends, strangers – look out for anybody that might be suffering in silence.

“We’re all in this together.”

The post also includes the message: “Both Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran want to ensure that not just today but every day, you look after yourself, your friends and those around you.

“There’s no need to suffer in silence, share how you’re feeling, ask how someone is doing and listen for the answer. “Be willing to ask for help when you need it and know that we are all in this together. #WMHD”.

SussexRoyal trailed the video on Wednesday, releasing a snippet which shows Sheeran as he approaches a door, rings a novelty doorbell which plays the start of the national anthem, to be greeted by a casually-dressed Harry, who says: “Hello mate.”

The singer shakes the duke’s hand and replies: “Hey mate. How you doing? “Nice to see you. Do you mind if I bring the camera in?”

Harry quips to his fellow bearded red-head: “It’s like looking in the mirror”, before adding: “Of course. Come on in guys.”

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