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  • 03 June 2024
  • 7 min read

Diaverum backed my career - I’ll work here until I retire!

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Play video: Amy tells her story about working at Diaverum renal care as a clinic manager.

I had absolutely no clinical background whatsoever when Diaverum hired me. I'm not a nurse. I haven't got an NMC number. That was completely different to the norm when I joined Diaverum. They provided me with all the training that I needed. They gave me a really strong clinical deputy who could support my learning needs. They brought in people from other functions who could support my role. They believed in me and backed me. Here’s my story and why I’ll work for them until I retire.

My job role is really varied. There's no two days that are the same. I love getting out and about and meeting the teams and meeting the patients. I'm very lucky because one day I can be working up in the Lake District and the day after I can be working down in Eastbourne. I get to meet the teams, build good relationships with them, and it's nice to see how they've progressed.

“I can honestly say I never get up in the morning and think, ohh God, I've gotta go to work today!”

Amy Ashmore - Project Manager

Working in healthcare with no clinical background

I mean, personally, I didn't know anything about dialysis. I didn't even know what dialysis was!

Not having a clinical background did worry me when I started because I was the only non-clinical manager. Every other Clinic Manager within the company was a clinician. So I always felt I had to work that little bit harder. But because I had such a good support network, I felt I could do it. I've been here six years. I'll quite happily stay here till I retire.

You know, they're really keen on your personal journey, and they know that if you're happy in your workplace, you're more likely to stay.

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Diaverum’s working culture is about support

And that's really the key thing. If you feel supported, you feel trusted, You feel part of the team straight away. That's half the battle, and I can honestly say I never get up in the morning and think, ‘ohh God, I've gotta go to work today!’.

I get up and most of the time I look forward to coming to work. Don't get me wrong, some days are a struggle, but you take the rough with the smooth and you've always got that network to lean on here at Diaverum.

And that is really important for everyone. Our nurses do a really, really important job. If you can imagine they get up at 4:30 - 5 o'clock in the morning some days leaving their own families, not being able to have breakfast with them because they're looking after somebody else.

The last thing they want to be doing is thinking, ‘I really don't want to be here today’. They've gotta give 110% every day. So that working environment and that sense of belonging and sense of being part of the team - it's really important.

My non-clinical background!

When I was doing my A Levels I worked part-time in a pub. After A Levels I had no pathway in mind so I started spending more time working in the same pub. This took me to London working for them as a manager. I then moved into sales for four or five years.

I joined a private healthcare company, as part of their sales team and then moved over to arranging tailored treatment plans and working with patients. I moved up to clinic manager, and then a new job with a bigger provider where we were offering bigger scale treatments - theatres work.

From then, I just fell in love with working with patients.

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Diaverum talked about work-life balance and delivered

At the beginning of 2017 I fell pregnant. And at this time my position within the private healthcare company had grown and I was managing clinics down in Surrey all the way up to Manchester. And with me being pregnant and with me thinking a little bit outside the box after pregnancy, what I was going to do. I didn't want to be travelling that far and having such a young baby at home, so I wanted something local.

Unfortunately, the company that I work for couldn't offer me that. They couldn't keep me in one base, They couldn't offer me part time because the nature of the role needed full time work.

I'll be honest, I couldn't even pronounce Diaverum when I first saw it. As I read about it, I learned that it was about dialysis, it was about clinic management, patient management, staffing management.

The thing that really stood out for me about them was they said they really focused on a healthy work life balance, which was exactly what I was looking for. That really struck a chord with me.

So I completed my application, and got the job.

I've got a young baby at home at this point. So this work-life balance was really important to me and they were very good and very supportive. As the business changed they were willing to look at my hours. I requested to go part time, dropping from 37 1/2 to 30 hours a week.

Why healthcare at Diaverum is even more rewarding

The reason I like working in healthcare is simply because it's a really fulfilling role.

But specifically at Diaverum we have even closer, more regular contact. If I go back to when I was based in one specific clinic, I was meeting these patients regularly 3 times a week for four to five hours a session.

So you'd build this rapport with each patient individually. You'd learn about them, their social setting, you'd learn about their family and their friends, and you quite often meet them.

And it's nice to feel that they can put you in that position where they feel they can come to you for help. They know that you'll get results.

In my other roles in private healthcare, I'd meet these patients once every six months when they needed it or when they wanted a treatment.

And me personally, I like that interaction with patients in my role now as project management, I get to think about the plans before the patients have even got to the clinic. We can think about - How do we arrange the seating so patients can engage with each other? Have they all got access to the TV? Have we got enough mobility aids?

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Diaverum offer great opportunities for clinicians looking to move into management

The good thing about Diaverum is they're willing to take a chance. For example, me!

I had absolutely no clinical background whatsoever. I'm not a nurse. I haven't got an NMC number and that was completely different to the norm when I joined.

But for anybody, whether they're clinical or non clinical, it is a really good move to take because you can start in your nursing career and move into that management area.

The clinical and the management they do go hand in hand. So it's a really good opportunity.

We’re a company that is also really good at promoting from within as well. They like succession planning. They like to engage with staff members from staff nurses up to senior staff nurses up to deputy up to clinic manager.

And there's opportunities beyond that as well because there's other functions, there's integration nurses. So as part of the project management team, we always have an integration team where we work with new NHS Trusts, or new clinics that we've taken over.

There's always opportunity for our existing staff to join integration teams where they can support new clinics and take that role into a managerial level.

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One of Amy’s colleagues, Allie, spoke to us about her nursing career at Diaverum.

About the author

I work for Diaverum and my job role is Project Manager, and Health and Safety Lead. It's a very intense role. It's a full time role and it's split 50% on project management and 50% on health and safety. So for the project management side of the role, I work on new projects, new buildings, working with NHS Trusts, and making sure that our clinics are safe environments for patients, staff and visitors.

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