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  • 26 August 2017
  • 2 min read

Community Career Specialist - Job Vacancy For A Nurse

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    • Brenda Walcott
    • Josephine Amoah
    • Mat Martin
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If you're a nurse and you're looking to do something new, I'd love to hear from you

We are hiring! We are looking for a nurse who would like to join in a full-time role advising members of our community on their career choices. Read on for more information.

The Nursing & Care Community is the only community of nursing & care professionals in the UK. It welcomes 200,000 people each month, with a further 50,000 across social media.

I'm extremely proud of what we’ve achieved so far. And now I'm really excited about our plans to provide the community with more services.

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Be A Part Of Something Unique

What I have in mind is unique and I think it's going to be ground-breaking.

To help us bring our plan to life, we have a job vacancy, at our Devon office, for a nurse looking for something new and exciting.

You will help us create a brand new role that offers our community one-to-one career advice. You will simply draw on your own knowledge and experience to do that.

Your skills as a career specialist will grow over time.

We think this new role will bring a really positive experience for this community.

We Are Hiring An Experienced Nurse

We are looking for applications from an experienced UK nurse, ideally Band 6+ or equivalent. You will be working in the NHS or the private sector - in a hospital, care home or the community.

This will become a full-time role. So it will suit an experienced nurse who is excited about using their experience and taking it in a new direction.

We also welcome applications from someone looking for a part-time position in the short-term. Perhaps you’re a nurse on a career break, looking for a change of direction.

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Get In Touch - Find Out More

We can’t wait to get started. We’d love to share more information about it with the right person.

So, to help you work out if YOU are the right person, these are some of the key personal skills you will have:

● Great verbal communicator

● Sunny, enthusiastic disposition

● Empathetic

● Organised

● Good listener

● Ambitious

● Tenacious

● Passionate about nursing, the healthcare sector, and good care / patient / service user delivery

Get in touch to find out more information.

About Our Location

We are based in South Devon. It's beautiful here. Amazing beaches are 30 mins away and the wilds of Dartmoor are, well, on your doorstep.

When you get in touch we'll give you the address so you can look it up.

pAs for working for us - I couldn't think of a better employer... but then I am a bit baissed. I believe strongly in work / life balance and a relaxed, mature working environment.

About the author

I believe people working in healthcare should be able to choose to enjoy work. That is, choose an employer who reflects their values and provides them with a sustainable career. This leads to better patient care, higher retention rates and happier working lives in this most important employment sector.

    • Brenda Walcott
    • Josephine Amoah
    • Mat Martin
  • 1
  • 991

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    • Josephine Amoah 2 years ago
      Josephine Amoah
    • Josephine Amoah
      2 years ago

      This sounds amazing, Matt. I will share with my contacts. All the best with finding the perfect candidate for this role. ... read more

      • Ah, thank you Josephine! Very kind.

        Replied by: Matt Farrah

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