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  • 20 August 2018
  • 2 min read

Abby Holland - Mental Health Nurse

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A Mental Health Nurse, working in Psychiatric Intensive Care since graduating in 2015. Currently employed as a Charge Nurse and Learning Disabilities lead on her ward. Abby has experienced work on an acute female ward and is also a Makaton signer.

The mental health of RMNs – are we looking after our practitioners?

Mental health nurses care for people with a wide range of mental health issues. Is enough done to support RMNs themselves from mental health stress?

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Mental Health Nursing is the misunderstood nursing discipline

Mental health nursing is not very well understood by those outside the profession. Helping to treat, care and support mental health illness requires skills and an approach unique to RMNs.

Why are RMN numbers falling faster than other specialisations?

Mental health services are under severe pressure due to deep issues with recruitment and retention. Listen to nurses, and we can learn what we need to do.

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Battling paperwork, governance and staff shortages to get the job done

Nursing has become a heavily paperwork and deadline orientated job, with a lack of contact with patients. Nursing has become, in short, much more of a desk job.

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About the author

I qualified in 2015 from Southampton University with a degree in Mental Health Nursing. I have worked in Psychiatric Intensive Care for the 3 years where I currently reside as a Charge Nurse. During these 3 years I also spent 3 - 4 months working on acute female ward. I am also a Makaton signer, and Learning Disabilities lead on my ward.

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    • Muslim Kalhoro 2 years ago
      Muslim Kalhoro
    • Muslim Kalhoro
      2 years ago

      Abby Holland, you Are doing the very best.