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  • 18 January 2023
  • 3 min read

A Podcast For Nurses: Cup of Care, Episode 7

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  • Nikki Goodhew Clinical Career Manager & Registered Nurse
    • Mat Martin
    • Richard Gill
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"An open and frank podcast on Nursing" - #CupofCare

Having now completed the 2nd year of her training, Janet reflects with Nikki commenting on the challenge of the nurse 12-hour shift and whether or not student placements should be paid?

The Value Of Placement

My first placement was in the High Dependency Unit. Nurses see the care through, from start to finish, no delegation of tasks, and nurse led. It was a wonderful place to start. My placements really helped bring it home that there are so many different types of nursing, to suit different people at different times of their career.

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There Have Been Challenging Times

There were patients suffering from life changing injuries during a time when visitors were not allowed due to the pandemic. If patients were fortunate to have their bed near a window, they could see their loved ones from a distance. For those that couldn’t, we needed to be there for them as their emotional and psychological support.

Are Nurses Stuck With The 12 Hour Shift?

I speak to a lot of nurses and some prefer the longer shifts because although those days are hard, they have more time off. They’ll do the three shifts then have four days off. At the same time, there are people it doesn’t suit. Those that want 8-hour shifts should be able to have them.

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Flexibility Needs To Be Addressed

Personally, I would like to see more flexibility for people to be able to adapt their hours to suit them. I think it takes a toll on their life and wellbeing. I think you could probably say that the hours are one to the factors to burn out and needs to be addressed.

My Advice To First Year Students

There are 2 halves to a nursing degree, the academic and the practical placement. Some students have great placement skills and come with valuable care sector experience but can be a bit overwhelmed by the academic side. My tip is organisation around those academic skills. Prepare for things, get started on essays early. All the deadlines will be printed in the course handbook.

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Don’t Try And Study Alongside Your Placements

Don’t write essays whilst on placement as you won’t have the energy for it. Look at your course structure, organise your study time and complete your essays before your placement begins.

What Are Your Thoughts On Nurses Getting Paid On Placement?

We are supposed to be as extras to the existing staff numbers according to NMC Standards. My experience is that we have been included in those numbers on the ward and that’s about safety. Student nurses are helping to fill those staff shortages. All the more reason for being paid.

Using NHSP For Nursing Experience

I’m using NHSP to experience areas I haven’t seen yet and it keep's the money coming in. 

Nurses Of The Future

So much has happened in the last year, evidence come out from the Nuffield Trust that around 30,000 nurses have left the profession and there are approximately 1 - 10 vacancies. I suspect the figures may be higher. As a nurse of the future Janet, what do you think about that?

  • Nikki Goodhew Clinical Career Manager & Registered Nurse

About the author

  • Nikki Goodhew Clinical Career Manager & Registered Nurse

I'm a Registered Nurse with 35+ years experience (lead nurse, practice nurse, clinical lead and health coach) and work at as the Clinical Career Manager, providing career coaching for our community members. I'm passionate about supporting the wellbeing & transformational career development of nurses.

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    • Richard Gill
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