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  • 30 November 2022
  • 3 min read

A Podcast For Nurses: Cup of Care, Episode 6

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  • Nikki Goodhew Clinical Career Manager & Registered Nurse
    • Mat Martin
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An open and frank podcast on Nursing - #CupofCare

As Janet moves towards a midpoint in her Nursing Degree, she discusses her fears and receives some helpful advice and techniques from Nikki as she moves nearer to becoming a fully qualified Nurse.

Confidence In Question

Now, I’m half-way through my degree, neither at the beginning or the end. My attention is turning more and more to ‘half an eye’ on the end goal, with that, comes a little voice saying “what have you done?”

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How Best To Prepare For Times Ahead

Ideally you would want to prepare your mind and body to be optimal so that you are not feeling sluggish, feeling competent and can recall knowledge and figures quickly being in the right state, taking all the rights steps.


Who am I, to be this Nurse that’s leading everybody.

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Stepping Up To Increasing Responsibility

Up until now it’s all been theoretical. As we move towards the end of our training, responsibility grows. The expectation is that students will make more decisions for themselves and reason things out, explore ideas and plan more. There is a realisation that this really important time is coming.

Looking To The Transition Ahead

I can be a really confident 3rd year student Nurse but the next day I become a ‘day 1’ qualified Nurse. That transition is really difficult.

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You Are Not Expected To Know Everything

Nurses do become specialists in their own field but that doesn’t mean that they know everything. Nursing is lifelong learning.

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  • Nikki Goodhew Clinical Career Manager & Registered Nurse

About the author

  • Nikki Goodhew Clinical Career Manager & Registered Nurse

I'm a Registered Nurse with 35+ years experience (lead nurse, practice nurse, clinical lead and health coach) and work at as the Clinical Career Manager, providing career coaching for our community members. I'm passionate about supporting the wellbeing & transformational career development of nurses.

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