• 13 May 2020
  • 6 min read

3 Tips for getting university work done at home

  • Louisa Lewis
    Student Midiwfe
    • Melissa Agbonlahor
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Play video: "Take it slow, write some lists of things you want to accomplish."

Staying motivated at home can be constant battle. Student Midwife, Louisa, gives her 3 tips on staying focused whilst studying from home.

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0.00 Introduction

Tip 1. (1.33) Be easy on yourself

Tip 2. (2.10) Make lists of things you want to accomplish

Tip 3. (4.57) Get comfortable

0.00 Introduction

Hey y'all. Welcome or welcome back to my channel, Being Louisa.

Today's video is going to be like my tips on how to study at home.

So I'm going to show you a little bit of how I do it.

I'm just going to take you guys on a day with me trying to do an essay.

I have been finding this really difficult to do mostly because of my dyslexia, mostly because I'm just in my head a lot.

So I actually did end up getting an extension plus I was injured.

So I was in so much pain, I could not think about anything other than my swelling knees.

So that's also why I got an extension as well. But yeah.

So I'm going to take along with my day.

We're going to do some work.

I have given myself from eight until 11 to do research work and maybe start writing.

And then from 11 to one, I have given myself time off to do yoga, eat, and then do some more work.

And then from one until three, I need to write my essay because at three I have a call with my dyslexia tutor.

I'm going to be honest with you guys, technically I've already done all of those things.

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I literally got off the call with my dyslexia tutor like 10 minutes ago.

And I did film though, the majority of my day, I just didn't film the morning part because I was so slow this morning.

So I'm going to refilm the morning part for you guys right now just so you can see what I did.

This is basically what I did in the morning just laid here.

Tip 1. (1.33) Be easy on yourself

So, one of my main tips for getting work done at home is just to be easy on yourself.

Don't stress too much.

We're transitioning from having Uni to now doing Uni work at home.

I had planned this year to do all my Uni work at university.

I was going to go in and use the Uni computers because they have Refworks already in the system.

So I didn't have to worry about that.

And now I can't do that.

And I found out from doing work at home that my chair is terrible for back support.

My poor back is hurting so much from sitting on that chair.

It's ridiculous.

Tip 2. (2.10) Make lists of things you want to accomplish

Tip number two is if you're not a morning person slash if you're not a person whose brain works in the morning very well then definitely take it slow, write some lists of things you want to accomplish.

That's basically what I did this morning.

Because, for some reason, I wasn't really like, "Yeah, I can do work".

But I was like, "I'm going to do work".

So this is basically what I did this morning.

I just took it slow. I grabbed my iPad.

So that's another tip for you guys is if you can afford it, even if you just get a cheap iPad, just grab your iPad or whatever portable device you have.

If you have a laptop, that's great as well.

I just have now transitioned onto my iPad, which is actually helping me do a lot of work and grab that and do your work.

So what I did was I made a list.

So I grabbed my iPad. I got myself comfortable.

And then I kind of just like made a list of things to do.

So, let me show you my list.

So I made a list of things that I basically wanted to do.

And then when I kind of had done those things or figured it out or whatever it was, I kind of just wrote it here.

So I changed that because that was not the actual reference, so I changed it to the right reference.

And then I just wanted to talk about this rate, because I knew that it was a rate and it was good trending.

So I kind of copied and pasted what it said on the website there.

And I made sure that I had the reference there so that I could put it on my reference list.

And then obviously when I wrote it into my work, it was a lot different than that.

So that's basically what I did all day.

But really what I did all day is I went through all of these tabs and got the statistics that I needed from there for my essay.

Literally the whole thing is just for this essay.

And yes, I Googled what UNICEF meant because I was like, "What does UNICEF stand for?".

But yeah, so I've basically been doing that and I've almost finished.

I've basically finished. I've just got to write a conclusion now and touch it up a bit, basically get rid of words, because I overwrote of course.

But that's a good problem to have.

So that's basically what I've been doing.

So as I was saying, back to my tips, which is two, if you're not really a morning person, just have a lazy morning, but do your work.

So make those lists, so you have those points and make a timeframe of when you want to get those done within.

Tip 3. (4.57) Get comfortable

Another tip I'd say for working at home is get somewhere comfortable.

As you will see in this video is I have different setups.

So I have my setup on my bed where I'll obviously just lay down on.

And I have my setup when I'm sitting up completely like this, which I'll show you guys in the video.

So, this is my bed setup.

And then I will also have a desk setup, which is where I try and do all my serious work and my really long-term work.

I did also buy a back support, which should be coming either today or tomorrow.

So yeah, I'm super excited about that.

So that's another tip is make sure you have somewhere that's comfortable for you to work.

Have also somewhere that's quiet for you to work and then also make sure you have like snacks and refreshments around.

But yeah, so those are some of my tips and tricks for studying at home.

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  • Louisa Lewis
    Student Midiwfe

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  • Louisa Lewis
    Student Midiwfe

I'm a student Midwife studying at Kingston University, partnered with St. Georges in London. Alongside my uni work and placements, I also create vlogs for my channel, Being Louisa, and for Nurses.co.uk.

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