Sheffield, Yorkshire
Faculty of Health and Wellbeing

Our courses offer direct entry into a career in nursing. Your fees will be paid and you could be entitled to receive a bursary from the Department of Health. We also offer opportunities in midwifery.

With flexible working arrangements, excellent benefits and real career opportunities, few professions offer such job satisfaction and at the same time make a difference to people's lives.

* A qualified nurse's starting annual salary is approximately £20,000 per year. Salaries increase as your experience and knowledge grows.

* Nursing is a profession which develops transferable skills that will always be in demand.

* A career in nursing holds no boundaries. UK trained nurses have the potential to work all over the world.

* Nursing offers one of the best possible public sector final salary pension schemes available with a tax-free lump sum and a pension based on your salary at retirement.

In nursing you will specialise in either adult, child, mental health or learning disability nursing, to meet your career aims.

We provide quality research-led academic teaching, combined with practical experience in a variety of clinical settings. You will benefit from modern purpose-designed facilities, using technologically advanced training equipment.