Northampton, UK
School of Health

The School of Health provides education and training opportunities for a range of healthcare professionals, along with academic programmes in human bioscience, health studies, social work and sport science.

Many of our programmes offer the flexibility to study for a degree or a diploma, with the opportunity to change mid programme from diploma to degree if circumstances allow. In Occupational Therapy we offer a part-time option.

Healthcare education is about ensuring patients and clients have a good quality experience and this is achieved by our courses having a strong focus on both clinical and interpersonal skills.

All our staff are committed to ensuring that students are well supported during the time they spend at The University of Northampton, many of them are professionally qualified in the discipline they teach and are also actively engaged in research activity which helps to further promote the development of quality care.

Our buildings are modern and bright and the hospitals used for clinical experience are within a reasonable distance from the main campus.