We're really grateful to Southern District Health Board for their guidance for nurses interested in getting a job in New Zealand. We asked the questions and they replied with some great tips and info. Read on, especially if you want an RMN nursing job in New Zealand! About Matt Farrah - follow me on Google+

Do you see many nurses from the UK applying for jobs in New Zealand?

Yes, most definitely. We currently have a significant number of staff working for our organisation from the UK, and some in management positions.

What do you need a UK nurse to have to allow them to apply for your jobs?

In order to apply for a position at our District Health Board you must be eligible for registration in New Zealand. The New Zealand Nursing Council can help you with this:

What are the key nursing job areas (specialisms) that New Zealand is most in need of recruiting for?

We often have a need and job openings within our Mental Health specialities (for RMN Registered Mental Health Nurses), details can be found on our website:

The UK sees New Zealand nurses applying for jobs, is this a problem at all (a ‘brain drain’)?

Not at all, most New Zealanders take some time to do their O.E and gain overseas experience, we always have a large number of nurses returning home to practice after their time away.

To help a New Zealand national who’s thinking about becoming a nurse... what is the typical process of nurse training and registration?

In Dunedin, New Zealand the Otago Polytechnic runs a 3 year Bachelor of Nursing degree. At the completion of this 3 year course you sit a State Final exam, a pass means you can now apply for registration and an annual practising certificate.

Are there lots of opportunities for nurses in New Zealand in terms of employment openings?

There are definitely a lot of opportunities available for working in New Zealand, the process is quicker in terms of immigration once a nurse has their New Zealand Nursing Registration organised. This makes you a more eligible candidate for employment.

Can you tell us what working at Southern DHB is like, what kind of institution it is, and what the benefits are?

Southern DHB is the southern most DHB within New Zealand and covers the Otago and Southland regions. As employers we can make you an offer of employment and assist you in moving to New Zealand, and help you settle into your new nursing job and home.

We employ a wide range of health professionals, many of whom combine clinical practice (both private and public) with teaching and research opportunities and can also help spouses find employment and get settled.

Thanks very much to Southern DHB for their time.

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