A great nursing CV and career profile can be the difference between getting the job you really want, and being ignored in the pile of other applicants. About Matt Farrah - follow me on Google+

It can seem like a really onerous task creating a really great nurse CV, filling in an online form about your nursing career and then deciding on which nursing sector and location you would like a job in, but it really is so important to increase your chances of getting a job.

What information do I need to supply?

Once you’ve completed step one of the sign up process, which asks for your basic contact details, you will be taken to the career profile page to complete the following details:

Profile Name

It’s important that this is as descriptive but also as concise as possible, so think of a title that best describers you. For example ‘Intensive Care Staff Nurse'.

Current Level

You should chose one, or two at a maximum that describes where you are currently in your career.

Seeking first position: Choose this if you’ve not worked in healthcare in the UK before.

Care Assistant: For all HCAs, Care Assistants and anyone with some healthcare experience. Also for nurses not ABA or NMC registered looking to work in the UK.

Studying for qualification: All healthcare students prior to professional registration.

Registered and Qualified: All qualified nurses and healthcare professionals, usually NHS Band 5.

Team Leader: More experienced nurses, usually Band 6.

Manager: Nurse Managers, Care Home Managers, Band 7 and above.

Current Job Sector

Select a maximum of 3 career sectors that you want to work in. Remember that this should be relevant to the current level you are at in your career. For example, don’t choose surgical and medical nurse if you are an HCA. You might want to be a nurse one day, but if you’re not qualified at the moment, select the HCA category.

Current Job Title

Be as descriptive as possible. Don’t just write nurse, write your job title as fully as you can e.g. “Ward Staff Nurse, Orthopaedics”

Current Organisation Type

Again be as descriptive as possible, don’t just write “NHS” when you can write “NHS Trust Foundation Trust Hospital, ENT Ward”

Years in this kind of job

Exactly as it sounds, be as accurate as can, but you may round up or round down where you feel it’s appropriate

Are you qualified?

You would think that with all the questions we’ve asked so far this wouldn’t be relevant, but you couldn’t be more wrong. We quite often find that there is a lot of confusion with nurses coming into the UK from overseas, who may be qualified, but not registered with the NMC and so not able to practice as a nurse here yet.

Words about you

This is one of the most crucial parts of the profile, and the part that a recruiter sees when they first view your profile. You really must sell yourself, your skills and your qualities as succinctly and accurately as possible.

This paragraph makes the difference between a recruiter contacting you about a job, and deciding not to bother.

Total years in healthcare

Exactly as it sounds, any healthcare experience can be counted here

Registered with NMC or ABA

This is exactly as it sounds. Only select yes if you have an NMC or ABA pin number. Then enter your PIN number exactly as it was given to you in the box below. Please leave this empty if you do have an NMC or ABA pin number. Pin numbers from overseas countries will not be recognised.

Salary Range

Be realistic and make sure it’s reasonable compared with the type of job you want

Job Status

You may select all options here if you want to be considered for any role

Willing to Relocate?

Just answer honestly – it’s no good a recruiter phoning you about a job 200 miles away if you’ve no intention of moving

Desired Locations

This is a very important field. Make sure you carefully consider whereabouts you want to work, and select a maximum of three locations.

IMPORTANT: Selecting all locations does nothing to endear you to a recruiter, and will often mean your profile is ignored because it looks like spam.

Desired Job Role

Write the job title of the role you are looking for here. This helps a recruiter match your aspirations with roles they have available.

And finally… Your CV

Be sure to make the most of your CV, you can check out our nurse CV writing guide here. Then make sure you actually upload that document. Amazingly we see a lot of people who’ve uploaded something completely irrelevant.

Your CV should be clear and simply designed and definitely shouldn’t include clip art, fancy fonts or pictures (yes we have seen it all!). For the full step by step guide, follow the link above.