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3 Oct 2016
London, Greater London, England
Intensive care nurse
Job level:
Deputy Manager / Senior Staff, Manager, Qualified (non-manager)
Full time
Contract type:
£ 27000 - 37000 Per year
Closing date:
2 Nov 2016


The post-holder may be required to manage and supervise shifts in ICU on a shift basis. They will assist in the training and development of junior staff, nursing students and other trainees attached to the unit.

The band 6 nurse will support the Senior Nurse Critical Care and the Unit's Team Leaders in delivering the Trust's key performance targets in the area of critical care. Other key relationships include the ICU multidisciplinary team (MDT), the lecturer practitioner ICU and site practitioners.

The post-holder will have supervisory, clinical and teaching responsibilities with the emphasis of the post always being to deliver the highest possible standard of care to patients.


Clinical Responsibilities

* Provides direct clinical care to critically ill adults within Critical Care across the trust.

* Will be developing specialist skills in the care of critically ill patient to include assessment, delivery and evaluation of care. May take direct responsibility for a patient or be supervising the work of other nurses.

* Ensures the implementation of protocols and practice guidelines within own nursing practice. Facilitating the delivery of high quality evidence based care while working in close relationship with the ICU MDT

* Will assist ICU LP and Team Leaders (TL) by acting as coach and mentor to named nurses, students or other health care workers (HCW) attached to the Unit. May be involved in formal teaching.

* May assist in setting up equipment in other wards and departments and giving nursing advice.

Leadership and Management

* Participates in the development of knowledge, ideas and work practices within ICU.

* Promotes a positive culture towards achieving a standard of excellence in own practice and specialty. Acts as a role model for other staff.

* May be required to supervise and co-ordinate the work of others in the absence of a more senior nurse.

* Reports any staff shortages, equipment or supplies issues to a Senior Nurse and assists in solving such shortages where possible.

* Reports any untoward incidents/complaints to Senior Nurse. Ensures the maintenance of a safe working environment for self and others.

* Contributes to the retention of staff within ICU.

* Acts as a member of the ICU Nurses group

Knowledge, Training and Skills

* Will be developing specialist knowledge in critical care nursing that is underpinned by sound theory as well as practical skills. Is able to adapt their knowledge and skills to a rapidly changing, highly technical environment.

* Is required to maintain professional registration and own personal development. Will attend regular mandatory training.

* Will develop management and leadership skills both through education and experience. Develops an understanding of the place of critical care within the Trust.

Working relationships and communication

* In day-to-day activity will undertake verbal communication with co-workers, patients and their families. Written reports will be made in clinical notes and ensures appropriate patient records are maintained.

* May co-ordinate daily activity in ICU, liaising with the ICU multidisciplinary team (ICU MDT) as well as with other departments and agencies to ensure optimum care.

* Will foster strong clinical relationships with medical practitioners, ward and site management teams as well as AHPs ensuring nursing input into clinical treatment.

* Will work with the LP ICU and Senior Nurse Critical Care to facilitate research based practice on the Unit.

* Will assist the Senior Nurse Critical Care together with the senior team in the overall management of the unit and the LP ICU in mentoring of nursing students.

Financial Responsibility

* Ensures that ICU is maintained in good order, that supplies are adequate and that equipment is clean and in working order.

* Encourages the economical use of resources including staff, supplies and equipment within ICU.

Service Development and Improvement

* Contributes to the development of critical care nursing within the Trust. May assist with specific improvement projects, practice developments or clinical protocols.

* Participates in Unit, Hospital or Trust forums and projects as required.

Responsibility for Dealing with Difficult Situations

* Learns to cope with variable, unpredictable workloads including medical emergencies or other highly charged situations.

* Deals with multiple inputs while coordinating individual patient care.

* In contact with critical illness and death among patient group. As well as supporting relatives in distress. Learns to recognise and support distress among co-workers.

* Reports to Senior Nurse Critical Care any untoward event. Recognises the need to seek advice or clarification from senior staff for the benefit of patient and staff safety.

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